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10 Healthful Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Feasting

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Thanksgiving is one of the favorite celebrations for most of us, right? Riiiight!

Either we are animated by the idea of spending great time with the family and the close relatives or friends, or we get really enthusiastic at the simple thought of eating so many delicacies and enjoy a tummy filled with goodies, all people are looking forward for Thanksgiving in every year.

This year shouldn’t be the exception either. And if you suddenly start to worry about all of your diet plans in the past months or about the extra calories you’re going to be adding to the Thanksgiving dinners (which isn’t great news for your pounds), this is the perfect time to find out that there are a handful tips that you can successfully apply and survive the Thanksgiving dinners and feasting without damaging all of your healthy eating plans. It’s all about being proactive and eat with measure, without horror at the thought of you getting a few extra pounds in that night.

After all, Thanksgiving is not so much about all the foods and menus specially made for this dinner, it’s mostly about having all your people close and enjoying one of the greatest nights with them. Thanksgiving should be mostly about making nice memories and gathering all the important people in your life under the same roof. Eating is just the traditional part of the celebration. But if this part represents such a worry for you, maybe you should take into consideration some of these following tips and tricks in order to survive the Thanksgiving feasting.

First of all, start with a hearty and absolutely nutritious breakfast. You can definitely begin the Turkey day of the celebration with a nutritious and healthier breakfast which is mostly low in fats and also in calories. This breakfast should be, instead, more high in soluble fiber, this if you really want to ward off one of the early afternoon’s many snacks. For example, oatmeal has plenty of soluble fiber that can help you maintain your fuel throughout the day, and will also keep you full of energy until it’s lunchtime. A quick oatmeal with some fresh and plain berries and a greek yogurt that is non-fatty will be excellent to start your day off.

Second, your lunch should be all about complex carbohydrates. We know there are plenty of starchy lunch options for you to try (delicious pasta, fries and sandwich buns), but if you want to survive the Thanksgiving feast without any unpleasant moments later, you’d better want to go for filling you up with complex carbs. You can try the lentil salad or the black bean soup and why not some steamed veggies with brown rice, a chicken breast or a quinoa meal? All of these can definitely keep you satiated all the entire afternoon. Plus, you’ll also maintain the energy levels high all day long.

Also, what do you say about eating more greens? You already started to pay more attention to the green veggies in your daily diet plans, so you don’t have any reasons why to miss it in the Thanksgiving feasting. Green veggies of all sorts can easily decrease the calorie intake and eliminate some of the fatty foods that your stomach can’t fully digest. You may want to try to jam some pitas with baby spinach or kale or arugula, and the turkey for the Thanksgiving. Also, you have more chances of eliminate the low fat proteins if you eat white meat, maybe with some steamed spinach, asparagus or Brussels sprouts and green beans.

How do you fancy now the Thanksgiving feast?

If the Turkey dinner is your main reason of worry, then you should take into consideration to opt for the lean proteins instead. Cornbread stuffed with sausage or buttery mashed potatoes plus gravy for the dinner sounds a lot more fun when you think of the lean protein intake, right? If you please, you can also try some lean white meat slices with baked salmon and quinoa. Quinoa is very high in the protein grain. To all these, you can easily add some healthier sides such as salads based only on veggies. This will surely be a more light meal than before.

Instead of eating a huge plate for Thanksgiving, try to use some smaller ones. For instance, what do you think of a dessert or appetizer sized plate, especially if you know you’re going to have to face a smorgasbord or a feast. In this way, you can easily cut down the portion sizes and with a considerably amount! So don’t go over the edge and embarrass yourself with filling up a huge plate for the Thanksgiving feast and end up having the worst of time with your stomach afterwards!

If you think that if you skip a meal or tow, you will save calories, think again! There are plenty of people that think it’s okay to skip a meal or to (such as lunch or breakfast) so that they can eat more calories over the dinner plate. But starving all day to eat more at the night party will not get you anything good, especially if you’re only thinking about the calories intake. So enjoy every meal and moment with your close ones and follow the recommended tips above. They are worth it, we promise!

If you can’t help yourself with the snacking, try to smart snack instead. This means you have to be proactive and enjoy a selection of only the healthy snacks that you can tuck away into the desk drawer, if you like. For example, try the low fat granola bars or the rice crips, and even the melba toast that is packed with almond butter. Also, a hardboiled egg is just as fine, and so is a fresh fruit if you want to escape the sugar cravings that tackle you.

Don’t drink alcohol and don’t eat dessert the entire week. If you refrain from all the binge drinking and the dessert eating the entire week before, you will enjoy more the foods and servings for the Thanksgiving night. If you crave sweets, choose a fruit salad that you can top with a low fat vanilla yogurt, because this will be just enough to tamper your sweet cravings, all in just a pinch!

If you want to be really really sure that you are going to eat healthier this Thanksgiving, perhaps one of the best ideas is to bring a dish of your own. For instance, if you know that there is always a dish of turkey on the dinner, bring one of white meat instead. Or opt for a healthy green salad, made of whatever green veggies you fancy. Steamed veggie side is also a good idea, maybe with asparagus and/or kale. If everyone else doesn’t like it, at least you know that you are going to eat it anyway.

At last but not in the least advice and tip for surviving the Thanksgiving feast is to eat mindfully, especially if it is about what you eat for dinner. We believe that it must be really difficult to sit in front of so many goodies and not be able to choose what to eat first, but again, you should keep in mind that your stomach’s health is what matters the most. If it helps, make yourself a small plate with whatever you want to eat and move in another room, one that is far away of the appetizer table. Chat and laugh with your friends and family and don’t forget that you can survive the Thanksgiving feast is you happen to be a little mindfully than ever.

Thanksgiving should not be about overeating or the worries you have when you think about all the foods that wait to be eaten. It should be about closeness, friendship, family and lovely moments, cherishing relationships and happiness. Happy Thanksgiving this year!

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