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10 Tips to Keep Your Face Skin Clear

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

The face skin is important to be kept smooth, clear, and with a young look. No matter your age, here are the best 10 tips to keep your face skin clear and to be happy with your looks, every day.


  1. Never leave the make-up more than necessary on your face. Get used to clean your face skin every night, before bedtime, by a careful cleansing. Clean it with gentle movements, without insistently rubbing your face skin. For the best results, repeat this procedure every morning.


  1. Immediately after the morning cleansing, apply a soft scrub cream. To make sure the skin is not irritated, before rubbing it, put on a thin layer of oil or cream. Massage with gentle, circular movements, insisting on the nose area. Do not ignore your lips and your decolletage. Rinse then with a soap-free rinsing gel, using warm water in abundance. Gently swab with a clean towel. You can apply the same scrub cream throughout your body.


  1. After exfoliation, the skin is ready to receive a moisturizing cream. Choose carefully, opting for creams based on vegetable oils or other slightly fatty bases, as well as humectants that will attract the water from the air (e.g. creams based on urea, glycerine, propylene glycol). An addition of hydroxy acids would be ideal because it helps restore skin cells.

Apply the cream in a generous layer, let it do its work for a few minutes, then remove the excess with a cleansing diskette. You can apply a facial cream when you take a relaxing bath because the surrounding moisture will turn it into a miracle for your face skin.

  1. Do the same thing with a body cream. To get the maximum moisturization, apply the cream to the slightly damp skin in the first 3 minutes after the shower.


  1. If your skin is not sensitive, before applying the cream you can opt for a skin tonic. It would be the best to apply it only to the area predisposed to the accumulation of sebum. Avoid cheeks and temporal bones because the skin on those levels dries and dehydrates easily.


  1. To have smooth lips, opt for a so-called petrolatum. It is the best and cheapest solution for dry and cracked lips. You will be repaired in seconds.


  1. Use a cream based on the Vitamin K or a mixture of fruits containing it, such avocados, plums, or pears, in order to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles. Wrinkles occur especially directly at the level of the visible through the skin blood vessels, beneath the eyes.


  1. Quickly reduce the dark rings of around your eyes and the appearance of swollen eyes by holding a tea bag for a while on your eyes. You can reduce the edema by applying coffee on this area. It has a vessel constriction effect and it stimulates the elimination of the water retained in the tissues.


  1. At the end, spray a fine layer of mineral water all over your face. You do not need complicated formulas for this step, or usage of thermal water because the water you drink is the best.


  1. For a quick addition of brilliance and health, sleep with a moisturizing mask stretched across the face.


These are the best 10 tips to keep your face skin clear, and hopefully will do miracles for your face skin, too.

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