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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Diet

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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Diet

People have always tried to look like the Greek heroes or Gods, striving to attain their mental and physical profile, admiring their stature and beauty, which comes to confirm the well-known syntagm: ”Mens sana in corpore sano”. In modern translation: lead a healthy life, do physical exercises, train both your body and your mind, so that you can maintain them healthy, vital and present.

Now, everyone has something to improve or change in himself/herself, there is something to perfect in our being, be it a mental issue or a physical one, but some say that if your body is perfectly sculpted, then your mind should also be at peace and function properly. So, in order to improve yourself and thus your life, you will need, first of all, to change your mental attitude. Go out, live, dream, understand, learn to believe, think, feel, do the things that define you best and hold on to them until the end and no matter what. Give your life a purpose, stay near people who will always try to make you or turn you in the best version of yourself, to transform you into something new, something more powerful than before, and this is all you will ever have to know about life: life equals happiness, if we only realize the beauty and incredible things that our universe and our own beings are made of.

We are improving ourselves with every day that passes by. Yesterday I was perhaps more superficial than today, so I am constantly learning something. Evolution is not a condition, it is our own nature. We decide who we are, what we do, where we go. This being said, pay attention to the next few simple ways to improve not only your diet, which is kind of profane to say at this level of discussion, but your own self. I want to make you better. Accept and follow my advice and everything will be different. So let us get started.

The first method is as follows: start eating healthy stuff, which I know you really do not like. Tip: all vegetables, starting with the humble pepper, carrot, cucumber and going on to the interesting eggplant, all of them, are perfect for your diet. When you wake up in the morning, eat cereals (but pay attention not to eat cereals with chocolate, because that would trigger your brain and make you nervous than usual) with milk (very important: milk, besides meat, contains important proteins, as it enhances strength in your bones, nourishing them with calcium and making them stronger), and then stop eating anything until lunch, which should be served around 12:00-13:00. This is the very best proper hour when you are supposed to serve lunch.

For instance, if you get up at 7:00 AM to go to work, you should eat this cereal bowl with milk instead of consuming coffee, as the latter diminishes your calcium dose and is also bad for your teeth. When you are at work, you are allowed to eat an apple between morning and lunch-break. And this is enough so far, if you are really taking into consideration to start a diet and really lose some weight.

Now for lunch: I believe that you have been told millions of times how bad fast-food from global trends such as McDonalds, KFC, Subway etc is for your health and so on, but I could not agree more. If time does not allow you to prepare food at home, more precisely to cook at home, the situation is a little bit more complicated, as you will be kind of forced to eat unhealthy food. I know that the modern woman is fancy and business-like, but to learn to cook once in awhile something healthy at home and, most importantly, something that was made by you, and was not already prepared, is not such a bad idea.

Young girls should embrace it, because, after years, the planet will be overpopulated with obese people, who will become as incompetent as children as a consequence of their poor health condition. Heart condition will also increase and people will die very young and without having accomplished anything. People nowadays have a strong tendency to slip away from everything that is natural. They just take things for granted and do not work for them anymore. It is much more preferable to give than to take.

But I am giving you here a tip: if you are ordering chicken wings for lunch, order besides it a salad to complement it and thus reduce its fats, and most importantly, do not go for soda, whatever you do. I know it is hard to put an end to an obsession, but do it step-by-step, gradually. No change will ever occur suddenly. For example, the next time when you enter a fast-food restaurant, opt out for mineral water instead of Pepsi, Cola, Sprite etc, no matter how big the temptation would be. And your body will reward you, as you would not feel so heavy after your meal and you would not put up on you so many calories. The biggest problem here is not the meal itself (because it is chicken meat, after all), but the amount of it and what we are ordering besides this meal.

When it comes down to the large and tiring break between lunch and dinner, it is here that we experience the real issue, because you will be wondering: How am I going to resist without eating anything until evening? It’s inhuman! But not this would be inhuman; what would be inhuman is eating compulsively when you are tired, bored or unhappy, because, generally, our dissatisfactions have usually led us to eating disorders. And always remember to drink lots of water, as it will keep your mind sharp and thus you will be benefiting from a healthy memory.

Just give the problem a rational thought. You are not food’s slave. You are more than that. Your life is far more important. Get a hobby, an activity that will occupy your mind for hours, so that you could stop wandering about food and also suppress thoughts about food. We starve for something that we do not have, and we think that food is there to comfort us. But it is not. Food will always become our enemy, if we do not treat it carefully. Here it is about the Object-Subject enslavement. Just like the great minds of history became subjects to their passions, people of nowadays became slaves of food, which triggers kind of an involution rather than evolution.

Finally, when you get to the last meal of the day, try eating a salad (for example: a mixed salad with tomatoes, cheese, and cucumber). Try to avoid consuming in the evening eggs, (though they are healthy if consumed in small quantities) as they are hard to digest and, moreover, they have many calories (like omelettes) and try drinking a tea without sugar. If you still feel unsaturated, you can have a sandwich with cheese and even salami (but, pay attention: only small slices of it) in order to keep your stomach preoccupied until you go to bed.

So, to cut a long story short, the key to have a healthy diet resides in my second simple way to improve your diet, and it goes as follows: eat small quantities from everything you are intending to put in your mouth. Try to avoid bombarding your stomach with too many ailments, because it will work you out like crazy and eventually you will manage to upset your bile and throw up. And that is the least out of the bad cases that you could be experiencing: obesity is the next thing on the line that is waiting for you. At least 30% of the adult Americans have an obesity condition and the percentage will continue to increase also in the future.

When you will get there, at that conflicting point, then there is no going back. And let me enlarge upon the problem here: once you have reached a certain limit of weight and even passed it (like 100 kg or 220 pounds) your internal organs will already be damaged, in the sense that first off, your heart has already been pumping hard to keep you alive, and secondly, all your other internal organs (pancreas, bile, stomach) will have worked at full speed and you would have done nothing to prevent your downfall.

Do you realize how fragile our body is, how every organ in us works like a perfect gear to make us alive? Do you know that, while you are reading these lines, your eye muscles and heart have worked hard and functioned perfectly so that you could be what you are today?

The third method consists in doing a lot of physical exercise, get outside for a run in the park, walk your dog, ride a bicycle or just take a walk, because, apart from the fact that it is extremely healthy, only 30 minutes of walk could stimulate your brain, your muscles, and generate the influx of endorphins. So what we all have to do is cooperate with our body, to know and acknowledge its limitations and to use it the proper and the rational way.

We are human livings, we were born under the starry sky and we belonged to nature once. Do you remember this? It is the urban city that perverted us and our lives and our true self. Go back to nature, return to natural remedies and you will see great improvements in your life for good.

Do not take it easily or superficially. Your life matters. You are better than this. You can do a lot of things that you are probably not even taking in account right now. You cannot take any advice from what I have told you before, if you will choose not to. You can choose your own way of living. Diet refers to food. Food is life, but it can become death, if you eat it excessively. You have to find equilibrium in everything you do. Temperance is the key. Do not fall in extremes. Keep the straight road and prove you are above your emotions, above negative feelings, and remember to smile and find out what makes you happy!

So, if you will bear in mind these three methods: one eat at precise hours and do not fall prey to eating disorders, which will surely end up on distress and health problems. Then remember not to eat much, but enough to get your stomach filled with nutrients and proteins, so that you can have enough energy to carry out throughout the day. And thirdly, remember to exercise a lot. Practice a sport that will force you get outdoors or you can also train yourself at home by following special aerobics programs on the Internet.

And one more secret: many people eat much, because they do not realize the moment when they should stop eating and when their stomach has been already filled up. This slight difference makes us eat compulsively, and this would happen even more when you are angry, stressed out or bored. Have preoccupations every day, do something constructive every day and fight against bad food and implicitly obesity.

If you want to be a real model in life, not only in society but also for your own family, try to avoid responding to the brain stimuli in your mind when it asks for food and try to cope with the feeling of instauration, even though it will be unpleasant. Why am I telling you this? I am telling you this, because pain is only temporary, while success and health can sustain you to do lots of things in life. Obesity will prevent you clearly from enjoying life, but you have to understand that your problems can get to be overcome only if you will start changing something. And change always begins with you. Start by admitting that and your life will improve significantly.

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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Diet
People have always tried to look like the Greek heroes or Gods, striving to attain their mental and physical profile, admiring their stature and beauty, which comes to confirm the well-known syntagm: ”Mens sana in corpore sano”. In modern translation: lead a healthy life, do physical exercises, train both your body and your mind, so that you can maintain them healthy, vital and present.
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