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5 Second Fix Reviews

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The name says it all – 5 Second Fix – would you like to fix a lot of broken objects around your house a matter of seconds? Let’s see if this product lives up to its name! 

About The 5 Second Fix

The 5 Second Fix – an inspiring name – is a magic pen with a liquid resin inside which glues things back together, but with a catch! While it is not an actual glue, 5 Second Fix need the sun to complete its work, meaning that the resin inside of it will only harden when it comes in contact with UV rays.

The company that produced this pen claims that it is good for fixing anything, whether it’s metal, wood, glass, plastic and any other material crosses your mind. Because the liquid resin won’t harden unless it’s heated, the you can presumably fix the position of the broken object, until it stays in place and then allow it to set in. like this you won’t get your hand all messy, how it usually happens when using superglue or any other hardening agents. Sound too cool, right? We have the same impression, but let us go deeper into the story and see what is it with this pen that makes it so ‘’special’’ and if it really is of any good.

The 5 Second Fix is an actual As Seen on TV type of product. In the official commercial, it is claimed that the repair made with this pen is so strong and efficient that you can even try to pull a steel cable that was glued with 5 Second Fix, using a 400 pound truck, and it won’t come apart. While we cannot prove that this is not true, let’s try and analyse a bit the liquid that actually ‘glues stuff’ without making a mess. According to the company, you won’t be even able to remember where the liquid resin has been applied, because it does such a clean and professional job in repairing things like a door handle, a broken toy, and much more.

Anything that need to be stuck back together, apparently the 5 Second Fix can handle it without any problems. They claim that the object will seem as new in a matter of, yes you guessed it, only five seconds. This claim is actually bold, because with other glues and sticking substances, you wait at least a few minutes. It is a bit hard to believe, to be honest, that two pieces of material can hold up together very well in just a few seconds, but who knows? It is a general truth, though, that commercials for As Seen On TV Products often tend to exaggerate about the real efficiency of a product, and an example would be the car test, which it is known to be made under special circumstances like many others. But hey, who are we to judge, we are here just to analyze and determine whether or not this product is worth your hard-earned money.

Even though 5 Second Fix claims to be one of a kind among its peers and the only true solution to glueing, there were actually other similar products on the market. One such example would be Bondic, which was actually the very first pen with liquid resin instead of actual glue or any other hardening agent. After this one, things got a bit out of hand, where more and more magical pens started to emerge on the market. All of them have something in common with the 5 Second Fix, as you well might have guessed it.

As you can see, the term unique is not to be trusted in this kind of industry. There will always be others and others products which could replace the one you saw in the commercial and thought that is the one and only. The important thing is that you will never run out of options whenever you need something like this pen. Plus, if you happen to find it at your local store, that will even save you some extra dollars on delivery and other taxes and in case you are not satisfied with the product you could easily return it. It can be the 5 Second Fix or any other.

But let’s see if this is really the situation or if our product really has something special that would make any customer choose it over any other with does basically the same thing. For this matter, 5 Second Fix claims to be paintable and sandable while having a transparent hardening agent which only uses UV rays might make it something a little out of the ordinary.

5 Second Fix Price And Refund Policy

While there are other similar options out there, the  5 Second Fix claims to have two major advantages over the competition. These are the following: the claim to be painted and sanded to ensure the best and cleanest possible repair and the fact that the pen come without S&H charges. These two could in fact determine you in a way to order the 5 Second Fix over other similar products.

If there are no taxes, you might as well buy the thing off if the internet and wait to be brought to you at your door, rather that going into a store and buy it yourself. Sometimes, convenience wins over almost everything. Also, if there is no mess while and after repairing is also the best bet. No one wants to get their hands glued together like it happens when using a regular superglue or any hardening substances., so this sounds the closest to an ideal repair without much of a hassle.

Coming back to the actual pricing, the 5 Second Fix comes in the following buying option: two pens which come in carrying cases sell for $1.99, S&H free of charge, as we already mentioned. The product has a 30-day refund policy, but here you will have to pay S&H charges, even though much less than usual. In case you wish to make a refund, you have to contact customer service at 844-239-0488.

Customer Reviews And Opinions

Before mentioning about the general rating the 5 Second Fix holds among its customers, we have to mention the company that launched it on the market. And that is called Ontel Products Corp. You probably have heard of it before, as it is a pretty known name in the As Seen On TV world. This company has launched other products as well, so the name should be at least a bit familiar, or maybe you even bought from them before.

A few of the most known and also popular among customers items launched by Ontel Corp are Miracle Copper Socks, Vegetti and Foot Angel. Of course, they have made a lot more out there, but these are just a few we are sure you have at least heard or seen a commercial at some point in your life.

Coming back to customer reviews, there are actually quite a few people that expressed their opinions and experiences they had with the 5 Second Fix. After doing some research we reached to the conclusion that the magic pen is either adored or really bashed for being not so good. While there are extremely positive reviews in which people praise the efficiency of the product, others just express their frustration in saying that the 5 Second Fix is just a waste of money. This mix of reviews cannot really place this product somewhere in the scale rather than in the middle. So, if you are really using the reviews as a guide before deciding whether or not to buy the pen, you might get confused because of all the extreme opinions.

The fact is that you would need to read a bit about the experiences of others with the 5 Second Fix, especially when it costs $200. This is the price for two pens, let’s say that you could only purchase one, this still costs $100. We estimate this price, as for the moment, you can only buy two at once, so we don’t actually have information that a single one would cost this amount. While it may not seem like much, for a small pen, it surely is.

Being the size it is, we guess that is why it comes in pair of two. In case you might have quite a bit of repairing to do around your house, the liquid inside one pen will run out pretty quickly and the bad thing is that it doesn’t come with a spare, but rather you have to use a new one. From a practical point of view, it doesn’t gain a lot of points in our personal preferences. For a product from this category, one of the DIY universal rules says that it must also be able to be reutilized for as many times as possible, thing which it doesn’t, so it’s more like a temporary toy, rather than an useful item to have anytime you need to fix something really quick.

Bottom Line

The 5 Second Fix might be good or not, useful or just a waste of money, it really depends on the individual and the circumstances. If you think of a quick fix, having a pen like this to pop out of your bag in a moment when let’s say, you broke your glasses, it will be more than useful. We know we said that its size doesn’t make it usable for a long period of time, but for moments like this, it doesn’t hurt to have one around.

There are various items that the 5 Second Fix can presumably fix, such as: an old but cherished toy, a ring that means a lot to you, your favourite wrist watch and many more you can think of. 5 Second Fix claims that by using the product, you are indeed saving money, because you won’t have to go out and buy a new thing that you can no longer repair. Even the door handle can be fixed back up with such a pen. On the other hand, if you think that any glue would do to fix your problem and you don’t mind waiting a couple of minutes, instead of seconds, maybe this product won’t impress you as much and won’t make you buying it.

Also, if you don’t mind for the mess the glue often causes and you just want to stick two materials back together, again, you would rather reach for the usual super glue, rather than this fancy pen with a liquid resin inside that hardens in direct sunlight. The 5 Second Fix might be an actual fun way to impress your friends as well. You never know when you someone needs a ‘’hero of the day’’, when their shopping bag is failing on them all of a sudden. A quick apply with the magic pen, and you can safely carry your bag on the way back home.

Final conclusion, if you feel fancy enough or think that you really need this pen to bring back to life a messed up object, then investing $200 on two of this 5 Second Fix, then just go ahead and make your order this very instant. Otherwise, if you believe that you can manage very well with an ordinary glue, and trust us, you can buy a very generous amount of glue with this money, then you can call yourself a person who can handle any type of emergency and can fix almost anything that can still be fixed, without the help of any gimmick.

In other words, you really cannot bash on the idea and the concept of the 5 Second Fix. Everyone wants a quick fix in their lives, and not just when it comes to repairing physical objects, but it is not always possible, so choose what you think it’s right for you in the long term or short term, however you wanted to be, and not worry about anything else.

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