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5 Times You Should Stop Drinking Water

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

It is not a breaking news that the life on the planet Earth can’t exist without water. Is definitely the most important ingredient in our lives, and without drinking water a human being can’t resist long. Well, you all know when to drink water, but here are 5 times you should stop drinking water.

  1. Before bedtime

You drank enough water all day long, you’re hydrated enough but still feeling thirsty right before bedtime.

You should avoid drinking water when going to sleep because it will make your bladder full in the middle o the night and you’ll be forced to wake up and go to the bathroom, which is disturbing your sleep.

  1. After a big dinner

If you ate too much at dinner, drinking water afterwards will not be helpful, even though you’re feeling the need to drink some water.

In fact, it will most definitely make you feel much more fuller in your stomach, which is not healthy, leading to digestive problems.

To avoid this, and to limit your food intake, you should drink a tall glass of cold water before eating.

By doing so, you’ll eat less, you’re stomach will not get full, and therefore you’ll avoid digestive disturbances and gaining weight.

  1. After administering some medicines

There are dozens of medicines that forbids you to drink water for at least 5 minutes after administering them.

One example is Strepsils, which is good for your throat when having a cold or a flu. The thing is that Strepsils pills are effective only if you do not drink water after administering them. At least don’t drink water in the first 5 minutes after you administered a Strepsils pill.

Also, medicines used against gastric re-flux are forbidding you to drink water, otherwise their effect is null.

  1. When your body is retaining fluids more than normal

One of the most annoying thing occurs when your body is retaining fluids, this giving you a fluffy look, making you look fatter, even though you’re not eating much.

There is a correlation between the food you’re eating and the water retaining in your body. If you’re eating food that is too salty, then your tissues will retain more water.

If that is your case, too, you should stop drinking water in large amounts, at least until you’ll change your diet.

One solution to solve your water retaining problem is to opt for diuretic foods or dietary supplements. Among the best diuretic ingredients is the coffee which flushes away the water retained in your body’s tissues.

Be cautious, though, because the coffee contains caffeine which is not recommended in cases of people suffering from cardiovascular disorders, such as hypertension.

  1. If facing a over-hydration episode

OK, it is already admitted that dehydration is not healthy and can lead to serious problems on the short-term, at least. But also, the over-hydration is not healthy because water is vanishing the sodium content in the blood.

Which is the quantity of water that can lead to over-hydration is impossible to depict, since every person is unique, and every organism works depending on dietary habits, health history, and many more.

What is more disturbing is the fact that dozens of deaths have been related to over-hydration, especially among sportsmen.

Symptom of the over-hydration are:

  • tiredness
  • dizziness
  • weakness
  • muscular cramps
  • nausea and vomiting
  • faint
  • severe convulsions

If facing 3 or more of these symptoms, then it is wisely to stop drinking water.

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5 Times You Should Stop Drinking Water
It is not a breaking news that the life on the planet Earth can't exist without water. Is definitely the most important ingredient in our lives, and without drinking water a human being can't resist long.
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