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6 Reasons to Call in Sick to Work

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No one likes it when they’re sick, obviously. But what everyone hates is to feel sick and having to go to work in the same time. We know that we can’t be healthy forever and that sometimes, sickness pops up and destroy the natural course of things. When we are sick and feel badly, we lack the will and courage to just even get up from bed, let alone go to work and perform our daily tasks on a high standard. But there are also times when we feel a little sick, but is this a good enough reason to call in sick to work?

When exactly do we know that we are too sick to go to work and when do we use the sickness excuse to miss a day from work? If our sickness is too severe and it is a good enough reason to stay at home and in this way, to avoid the contamination of the rest of the co-workers, then we should listen to this particular instinct. However, we offer you 6 plausible and possible reasons to call in sick to work whenever you feel like you cannot get up from bed and perform the regular activities of the day.

The first reason is the medications that are causing you the drowsiness. Take a wild guess and pick up any medication that you use to cure a cold or a flu and read its label. I bet there is stated the following line: “This medication may cause you drowsiness.” Well, if it really is the case, you have to get as far away from work as possible. Why? Just imagine that you have drowsiness and you still want to go to work. You get on the road, in your car and suddenly, you’re not feeling okay.

The road to and back from work can become a real danger for you and for other people – either drivers or passengers or simply people from the street. Also, when your medications cause you drowsiness, there are other side effects that can prevent you from doing your job well and having a good and positive attitude at the office. For instance, you can also feel sleepy at work, you can forget things and you cannot stay too focused at doing your tasks. Plus, you might have a crappy attitude towards your colleagues. So, in this case, it’s best if you just call in sick and spend your day at home, until you get better.

If you’re running a fever, it is another good idea to call in sick and spend the rest of your day in the safety of your place or bed. Whenever you are sick, the body tries to eradicate the virus or the bug by running a fever. This is only a preventative measure but it can affect your performance at work. Not only that your performance will be affected, but there are high changes that you will pass your sickness to other coworkers and you don’t want to be the one that got the entire office sick, right? Keep in mind that if your temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or sometimes even more, this is a plausible and enough reason for you to call in sick and remain at home. Only after there are 24 hours that passed and the fever didn’t subside you can safely return to work.

When you’re still sick after already being sick, it is another good and plausible reason to stay at home. You already know that when a sickness kicks in, most of people are sick for a week, sometimes even more. In the first day, there are only the signs, such as cough, achy muscles or sore throat. In the following 2 days, we start to feel really useless and contagious.

On the 4th and 5th day, we should begin to feel better, but if the sickness is more serious than that, you definitely have to miss from work for as long as it takes for you to heal. However, if your symptoms don’t subside within 3 or 4 days, then it’s best for you to go and see a doctor, because you might need a serious and proper treatment. Plus, your body needs a little time for its own, to rest and to fully recover after this takedown.

When you experience illness inefficiency, you can rest assure that you are allowed to take the day off from work. It’s not only that we have the least interest in working when we are sick, but we also lack the energy, the strength and the focus that we require in order to do our daily tasks and duties in a efficient way.

Don’t go to work just to be there if your results are others than efficient. Plus, you can always transmit your sickness to the coworkers and then you will really have achieved nothing good. If you want to be just as productive at work, you have to call in sick, take your time to rest and treat the sickness and become safe again. In this way, when you will return to work, you will be just as productive and focused as always.

When you are starting to feel sick, report to your office and ask for permission to stay at home until the bad episode it’s gone. Although it might seem pointless to you to call in sick at work just because you have a sore throat, a runny nose or whatever common symptom, you’d better do it because you will save your colleagues and coworkers from catching a cold or a flu just like you. If you don’t know what are the earliest symptoms of a cold or a flu, here they are: headache, sinus congestion, achy muscle, raw throat. Taking the time to rest and treat the cold or the flu will only mean that you have more chances of healing up more quickly.

Also, call in sick at work when there are other external factors that can have a powerful impact on your sick days. Don’t take the risk and risk to ill your coworkers in the process, even if you have minor symptoms such as throbbing headache, scratchy throat, stubborn cough and a running nose.

Don’t worry about the extra work that you’re leaving behind or the less payment you’ll receive at the end of the month, because all these cannot restore your health back once it’s taken from you. These external factors only do more harm than good. Exhausting yourself and not taking a proper care of you when you are sick won’t do you any good at all.

These are all strong and powerful reasons for why you should call in sick at work and spend the day or the days at home, getting treatment and resting like you should. Don’t forget that health is more important than the work you do and money cannot buy you a dose of health, no matter how much you’re making at your present office. Have patience with your sickness, go to see a doctor if it passes more than a week and the symptoms didn’t diminish and don’t worry too much about the external factors that you’re leaving behind. The office and your tasks, duties and responsibilities will be there for you when you get back, as healthy as a stone.

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