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The 7 Best Masturbation Tips

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Has your beloved ever started to masturbate alone to get to orgasm, as you thought you were stimulating him enough?

Even if he had orgasm during sex, you may like to know that your touches give him the maximum pleasure.

If your partner is not managing to get to orgasm without masturbating himself, then there might be a problem with your technique. Here are the 7 best masturbation tips that will provide you with the most effective techniques.

  • Some men do not make a very large movement from top to bottom and vice versa when masturbating. When the penis is in erection, a man can choose to simply hold it in the palm of his hand and move the hand easily, so that the head of the penis (penis thigh) is intensely stimulated.
  • Another variant of men’s masturbation is a more dynamic one in which they hold their erect penis in the tight hand in the fist, which can either be with the palm down and the fingers pointing upwards or vice versa. The first variant is more popular. The technique involves the movement of the fist, so that the foreskin of the man moves along the penis. So the hand remains practically positioned in the same place, preferably immediately under the head of the penis.
  • A trick that some men practice is to use their thumb when applying the above technique to push the head of the penis. At the same time, most men prefer to hold their fist so that the movement of the foreskin covers and uncovers the head of the penis during the movement.
  • Another technique for masturbating is that of forming a ring with the thumb and the index fingers. The movement that offers intense pleasure is the one that starts from the base of the penis to the head, a movement that men tend to do with strength, sharpening the penis harder. While some stop with the ring just below the head, others prefer to overcome it.
  • Whatever technique you use to masturbate your lover, be careful to keep a constant rhythm, depending on how fast or slow he prefers to move.
  • Some men increase their pleasure during orgasm masturbating with one hand and with the other slightly pulling down the scrotum. Thus, they feel their seminal fluid coming up and exiting at the moment of ejaculation, and the pleasure is more intense.
  • Last but not least, lubrication also counts for men. So if you want to provoke an intense orgasm, alternate manual stimulation with oral sex and add some lubricant.

On the other hand, most women are also needing to be stimulated by masturbation, therefore, here are the 7 best masturbation tips for men to use on their women.

  • Stimulate her clitoris – It’s not all about the penetration. When willing to satisfy your woman with your hands, you should know that stimulating the clitoris is offering an intense pleasure for women. Try touching the clitoris, play with it with your fingers. You woman will be satisfied to reach the clitorian orgasm, and she will be ready and prepared for more.
  • Vaginal masturbation – After teasing her enough with kisses, touches, or playing with her clitoris, penetrating her vagina with your fingers is the next step for a great orgasmic masturbation. It sounds easy but it is not. The proper way to do it is to gently introduce one finger, at first, then one more finger (that depends on how tight is your woman’s vagina). The proper motion is a combination of back and forth, and up, like pulling the vagina up with your fingers. You should also pay attention to the rhythm. Some women may like it harder, with fast paced motions, while other women may like it slow, with gently motions.
  • Don’t focus on the south only – Women have more erogenous body parts in comparison to men. When starting to masturbate your woman, for a maximum pleasure, don’t focus on her vagina, only. You should also use your free hand to touch her breasts, her bottom, or other erogenous parts.
  • Mix it with oral sex – While using your fingers to masturbate your woman you can also go for oral sex. Your woman will love the attention you’re offering her, and she will be more confident, and more satisfied. The best way to mix these two is to stimulate her clit with your tongue, while penetrating her vagina with your fingers.
  • Be innovative – Women love to be surprised in bed, so bring in some new moves every time you’re having sex. If until now your sex episodes were more classic, next time when you’re having sex with your beloved woman surprise her by offering her multiple orgasms by masturbating her. The way you can do that is to make her feel relaxed, therefore a sexy massage before starting the action is ideal in this case. Start kissing her on her neck, on her breasts, while going down. Touch her clit with gentle moves but keep a steady rhythm. Slowly introduce one or more fingers in her vagina, while your other hand is gently touching her other erogenous parts. To give her multiple orgasms, introduce the middle and the ring fingers inside her vagina, while placing your thumb on her clitoral glans. The motion should not be fast paced but also not to slow. Try observing your woman’s reaction when changing the rhythm and notice when she is happier, then keep that pace.
  • Use lubricants – Even though women are naturally secreting a lubricant liquid during sex, some lubricants on the market are containing substances that produce a more intense pleasure in women. Some of these lubricants are tingling or giving a warm sensation, while others are offering a cold sensation. Try them all, there’s nothing to lose.
  • Use sex toys – Masturbation can be also done with sex toys, and nowadays, there are lots of very hot sex toys that you can use with your partner. One of the most interesting and innovative sex toy is the We Vibe sex toy, while another is the OhMiBod. Both are remote-controlled and can be set up to vibrate at various sounds. OhMiBod, for example can be connected to its specific smartphone app and can be set up to start vibrating when you’re calling your woman. It will most definitely spice up your relation and can be fun to masturbate your woman without even touching her, or in public. These devices are small and specifically designed to be wore under panties, so you can have fun anywhere.

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