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8 Innovative Ways to Have Veggies for Breakfast

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8 Innovative Ways to Have Veggies for Breakfast

Veggie Breakfast Ideas

Healthy eating can save you a lot of health problems and medical conditions that require spending a lot of money on medical treatments and pills that can restore our well being. So, instead of spending money on treatments and pills, I’m sure you want to know if there is another way in which you can spend your money without having to follow prescriptions of any kinds in order to get better.

If this is the case, then you’ll probably be happy to find out that if you invest your money in vegetables and fruits, you have twice more chances of keeping and protecting your overall health than fixing it with medical drugs and pills. Yes, eating fruits and vegetables means a healthier life style and more healthy eating habits that you should keep for the rest of your life, because life is too precious to waste it on eating what can harm us instead of what can be good for us.

I’m sure you’ve all heard warnings about eating more vegetables because they are healthy and contain all the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need in order to function properly and there is plenty of information online that can guide you through a lot of nutritious aspects and processes that take place inside our bodies when we eat healthy (fruits and vegetables especially), what kind of proteins, minerals and vitamins these vegetables that we should all eat have, and what beneficial effects do these vegetables have on us.

But nobody tells you how exactly you should eat them, because you might get stuck in a certain food routine that you will eventually get bored of. Fruits and vegetables, especially, can be eaten in a lot of ways, and you definitely can use a little bit of your imagination and cooking skills to add something special in your eating routine, every day of your life. But, if at some point you end up with no ideas of how to cook the vegetables, here is a guide that can help you be more creative in the kitchen, especially when you’re making breakfast.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, mostly because it arms us up with the energy and good mood that we constantly need in order to start the day good and end it in a positive way as well. Eating breakfast gives us energy, energy gives us drive and motivates us to do all the necessary daily tasks, and motivation brings us the best possible results and outcomes that we seek.

So, it means that if we eat vegetables for breakfast, we’ll not only check into these already mentioned aspects, but we will also add a dose of health for our organism’s well functioning. What’s more, you don’t have to change your entire breakfast eating habits if you like them as they are, you could just add a veggie or two to these well established “rules of eating breakfast” of yours.

Let’s see some creative ways of eating or cooking vegetables in order to have a breakfast filled with beneficial effects on our overall health!

We definitely should try a breakfast wrap! Yes, if you try wrapping up a burst of beneficial nutrients and vitamins for your body, then you will have a refreshing and healthy kick start in the morning! It is as simple as this: use a small grain tortilla that you can wrap or fill with proteins and healthy fats extracted from smooth avocado or scrambled eggs, and top these with shredded greens, tomato slices and colorful pepper strips. You will obtain a unique looking and tasting breakfast for the morning.

Next thing on your breakfast list should definitely be a sweet potato pancake. Looking for something less starchy to eat? Try these sweet potato pancakes and you will totally adore them, especially because they are made with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals from the rich in benefits and sweet potatoes! Looking for a new way of making a pancake batter? Pure one baked sweet potato with another egg and a banana that is mashed and you will give a nutritional boost to your entire morning (and breakfast!)!

Are you a fan of omelets in the morning? Well, you don’t have to change this eating habit at all, just make sure to add your omelets some little more veggies and you’re done! Incorporating vegetables in eggs for breakfast is one of the simplest ways of making sure you’re taking a delicious and filled with healthy benefits meal! After you’ve pan fried your omelet, add a little finely chopped mixed peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and baby spinach, while the omelet cooks itself. The results will be finger-licking-good!

McMuffin with extra veggies is another good idea for a healthier breakfast on one of your mornings. Take a whole wheat English muffin that is toasted dry and make sure to make a mini sandwich out of it. Fill it with a poached egg, or a slice of tomato, or a small amount of goat cheese or chevre. If you like, sprinkle on it some fresh chopped herbs, such as parsley. You’ll get another delicious idea of healthy breakfast this way.

Fancy some hardboiled eggs for breakfast? They sure as hell look great when they are sliced and wrapped in a rye toast or a large piece of leaf lettuce. If you fancy, add a tomato or avocado slice on it, and this is a good to go breakfast for lazy mornings.

Mexican eggs are for those spicy mornings of your week. Scramble the eggs in a southwestern style, two to be more specific, add some frozen corn and then add a little chunky salsa and black beans. Finger licking breakfast all over again! And healthy, by the way.

A breakfast made of carrots, corn and muffins is another unique way of enjoying a healthy dose of energy in the mornings! Take a cornbread loaf or even a dozen muffins and add them frozen corn with shredded carrots for and extra vegetable boost in the mornings. You can either enjoy them at home or shrink and wrap and tuck the muffins into your purse and take them with you on the road. You’ll never be hungry again, especially in the mornings!

What about some zuicchini loaf? Perhaps you already know that a breakfast cake or a loaf is usually filled with refined sugars, butter and sluggish flours, but I’m not entirely sure if you know that it is possible for you to make a healthier loaf with just a few more ingredients, such as whole wheat flour, zucchini and pureed pumpkin. If you choose to incorporate raw nuts, such as pecans or walnuts, or dried fruits such as cranberries or raisins, you will end up having an extra added protein breakfast finger-licking good!

For the rest of the mornings, when you are too lazy to improve a well fashioned and healthy breakfast, simply enjoy a fresh vegetable salad or a fruits salad as well. However, your breakfast doesn’t have to be old fashioned anymore, since there are a lot of new ways of enjoying and combining vegetables and foods in order to get a highly dose of proteins and vitamins and minerals every day you wake up.

So, instead of relying on pills and medication for you to get better and protect your well being, you can choose to warm up in the morning with some creative and innovative ideas of having veggies for breakfast. You can always choose to give your every morning a brand new fresh twist by simply adding some seasonal vegetables to the eggs, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches that you usually eat in the morning. Remember that you don’t have to entirely change your routine habits of eating, just add the secret ingredient to a healthier life style: vegetables.

Fruits are also a good source of proteins, minerals and vitamins, but when it comes to protecting and preserving your overall well being state, the power of the vegetables is unmistakable. This is why so many people, doctors and nutritionists recommend us to daily have 3 to 5 servings of vegetables in our meals, either to incorporate the vegetables in the meals or to simply serve them in new and creative ways of eating.

With these 8 innovative ways to have veggies for breakfast, we’ve created three opportunities for you to enjoy a well deserved breakfast in the morning – either at home, on the road or at the work. Never skip the breakfast, no matter how busy is your work schedule or how early you have to get up in the morning to get to the job. Eating vegetables for breakfast is a way of protecting you and your entire health. And not only you will preserve your health, but in this case, you will also help your organism to function properly, day by day, each day.

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8 Innovative Ways to Have Veggies for Breakfast
Healthy eating can save you a lot of health problems and medical conditions that require spending a lot of money on medical treatments and pills that can restore our well being.
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