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ABCmouse Reviews

Diane Luke
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ABCmouse.com can be an educational website for children, who age range from 2 to 7. Provided as an early learning academy, the program prepares small children for kindergarten and primary school. It offers an extremely impressive curriculum that addresses from reading to technology, however the information is provided mostly through social games and video games.

And initially, ABCmouse.com looks just like a smart way to aid children create a solid foundation their future educational system integration. However, when it is fun for the youngsters, the parents have multiple reasons to complain.

About ABCmouse

This site is owned or operated by Age Of Learning, an organization located in California, and which offers support from early on child years.

ABCmouse take use of different kinds of social games and video games and activities to inspire children into learning, and most of theses games are combined with printable materials.

Users can take part in more than 5,000 learning projects, which can be put together into more than 450 lessons.

How does ABCmouse work?

For a kid to have the ability to gain access to ABCmouse.com, a parent or guardian must create a merchant account first.

Beacuse ABCmouse.com is a membership-based site, registering involves getting into a repayment option. Parents or guardians won’t be charged instantly, thanks to the first month free offer the ABCmouse.com is offering.

However, unless parents or guardians cancel the membership during this time period, they’ll be charged only $7.95.

The only real subscription option offered by ABCmouse.com appears to be the very regular monthly option, and the $7.95 cost covers another month of service. As well as the membership renews automatically every month unless the parents or guardians take the decision to cancel.

As far as I know, ABCmouse doesn’t offer refunds. Therefore, canceling will involve dropping the future area covered by the amount spent. This guideline also can be applied for the annual membership, although it’s hard to state when exactly this program becomes available.

ABCmouse offers to its members the option to buy gift cards. These gift cards cover either 12 or 24 months of membership, and are for sale at between $79 and $99.

ABCmouse – Pros

  • Many parents or guardian declare that their children love ABCmouse.com – It appears that almost all of them view it as game, claiming that learning is easier that way. The web site achieves what it says to do, as the kids are learning without even knowing it. And it’s very safe, because the membership fee ensures no advertisements which could have children being able to access unacceptable content. Still, this payment is merely paid by regular members.
  • ABCmouse can be accessed by teachers free of charges – Specific details are just available for the experts that contact the business directly, but this program will probably have less constraints.
  • Needless to say, some parents declare that their children do not like the learning game whatsoever, but there’s a conclusion for almost all of these cases. The children in cause are maybe too young, too educated, or too old to view it as entertaining. ABCmouse activities are manufactured for age groups, and different aged kids learn at different capabilites.

ABCmouse – Cons

  • Although the web site is engaging for kids, most reviews for ABCmouse.com are negative.
  • It appears that once you’ve registered, it is rather difficult to unsubscribe. The business can only just be approached through mail, and frequently no ABCmousecom’s employee is eager to respond.
  • It appears that ABCmouse.com diminishes the already promised quality as an great educational program with really poor customer support.

Bottom line on ABCmouse

ABCmouse.com is a superb educational program for kids, even though it triggers way too many issues for the paying parents or legal guardians.

A better customer support would fix almost all of the ABCmouse.com issues. However, teachers can use this educational program without trouble, so some kids are still able to take all the advantages out of it.

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