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The Man Behind the Name

Aura S
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about julian assange

We all heard about Julian Assange. His name became known worldwide due to his actions and beliefs. Some of us might see him as a criminal, as a pain in the ass for the political class. Others might admire him for his courage and for his abilities.

About Julian Assange

Many people have seen and read every news about him and about all the things that he has done, good or bad. Most people feel in title to judge and share their judgment with others. Other people preserve their theories and opinions for themselves.

There were a wide number of articles published about him. Some of them incriminated him, others presented the man and his actions in a neutral manner and others praised him. He has both fans and haters.

Does anyone know exactly what was in his head when he did all these things? Did he have a plan or a goal? Can he be accused of crime or of a great sense of morality?

Many of his actions are controversial and stained his moral image, but what is exactly the truth? I am not saying that I admire him or that I know the truth.

I read as many information as I could find about him and about his actions in order to create my personal and objective opinion about him. My curiosity was awakening after I have seen the movie. I did not like the character too much, even if the actor chosen to play the main role is someone I personally admire.

My main problem is that most of these movies show the personal opinions of the screenwriters and of the movie directors. There are few chances to see the simple truth just by watching them.

Julian Assange
(Julian Assange)

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