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Acne – Do not hide it! Treat it!

Diane Luke
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There are a few medical conditions that everyone, man or woman, faces at least once in his life. One of the most common is acne, which appear at any age, but especially during adolescence, and especially on the surface of the face skin. Unsurprising, but also uncomfortable for the whole body, the pimple have to be removed, but not before you know all about them. Acne – Do not hide it! Treat it!

Acne – Causes

In most cases, acne is the product of clogged pores, a skin disorder resulting from a hypersecretion of sebaceous glands.

On the face, neck and back there are the most sebaceous glands that have the ability to produce an oily substance, called sebum, which helps the skin to be impermeable and, in addition, helps it not to dry.

Then we need to know that acne is not caused by infections, but infections may worsen the situation.

Thus, acne is the result of multiple factors such as dead skin cells, excess sebum, bacterial multiplication, and a hormonal component.

Acne – Its impact on social life

As we all know, acne does not only cause physical discomfort, it can also have a major impact on social life. Especially for young people, very concerned about their physical appearance.

Because of acne they can feel embarrassed, tend to avoid visual contact, retire, sometimes until isolation. For fear of being rejected and rated negatively, they tend to hesitate to interact, especially with people of the opposite sex, because they feel distrustful.

Acne – How do we prevent it?

The first rule of beauty is a clean and bright skin that can breathe. But, how to obtain a great skin?

For this you need to clean both in the morning and in the evening with a special lotion for the specific type of skin you have.

Avoid soap, regardless of how smooth it is, because it dries the skin of the face. Then apply a tonic lotion and moisturize the skin with cream. Preferably these skin care products should be recommended by the dermatologist.

Then, to keep your face hygiene, it is important to change your bedding at least twice a week. Microbes and sweat remain on the pillow’s sheets and it is therefore essential to wash it frequently and at the highest temperatures.

In addition, the cushions and blankets should be scraped and ventilated daily out to remove at least some of the collected microorganisms.

Specialist in dermatology advises us that when acne worsens despite maintaining local hygiene, it is good to go to the dermatologist.

Acne – Treatment: complex and individualized

Each treatment is individualized and everyone responds differently, so results on the same type of acne may vary from individual to individual, depending on general, hormonal, genetic, or constitutional factors.

Treatment is complex and individualized according to clinical form, extension, previous treatments, or patient’s age.

Thus, the treatment palette includes:

  • local or general antibiotics
  • local bactericides
  • hormones or retinoids

All these are taken under the direct guidance of the doctor.

Among the latest treatments available to patients include:

  • surgical lasers
  • light therapy (IPL, UV or LED)

In this way, it remains at the discretion of the dermatologist if he adds local solutions or creams, or medication treatments on a general basis.

Acne – Natural treatments

Acne can be combated or prevented with natural treatments prepared right at your home.

First of all, essential oils are extremely beneficial:

  • lavender oil
  • cloves
  • tea tree

Then, a honey solution can be applied.

Mix some ground cinnamon with honey until you get a smooth cream that you can apply overnight.

Also, honey can be mixed with mud powder for a mask that is applied during the premenstrual period.

The face can also be washed with concentrated marigold tea or nettle tea. Nettle or marigold tea can be consumed 2 times a day for several weeks.

Neither goat milk is less beneficial if mixed with nutmeg. The mixture should be applied on the pimples areas by buffering.

A product that can be used daily, with positive effects on the skin and against the baskets, is sulfur soap.

Orange peel, lemon, garlic, cucumber, coriander juice, and mint are other natural treatments for areas affected by acne.

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Acne - Do not hide it! Treat it!
There are a few medical conditions that everyone, man or woman, faces at least once in his life. One of the most common is acne, which appear at any age, but especially during adolescence, and especially on the surface of the face skin.
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