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Activate Your Metabolism

Aura S
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You might have heard many people who talk about metabolism. Usually when you hear this word, you are thinking about the ability of your organism to burn calories. Metabolism is not just that. It refers to all the chemicals reactions that happen inside our body. Due to these reactions, we are able to function properly. If you own a slow metabolism all your organs might function slowly.

This is one of the reasons why you might feel tired faster than others do, why you might gain a few kilograms or why you might have less energy than others have. Anyway, people want to speed up their metabolism mainly to lose weight. You might wonder if it possible, considering that slow metabolism is in your genes, inherited from your mother. No matter which your genetic inheritance might be there are ways to do it and you will discover them if you just continue your reading.

Where you have to make the changes?

When it comes about that, you will have to change your lifestyle in more than just one area. Your nutrition habits might need a bit of change and also your sedentary life must be changed completely. It is quite difficult considering that your daily job might require long hours in front of a desk. The reality is that you only think that you do not have time for this. If you allocate 15 minutes per day for a physical workout, it will not be such a big deal. I am sure that all of us have at least 15 minutes per day when we do not do anything. When it comes about our diet, it is not too difficult to make some changes either. All we have to do is make a plan and remain stick with that plan.

Proteins should not be missed

To help your metabolism function you must give your body food. This is one of the reason why people who chooses to adopt a starving type of diet can’t reach their goals. When you are hungry, your metabolism slows down considerably.

What happens when you eat? For a few hours, your metabolism will speed up because it has to process all the nutrients ingested. If you eat a wider amount of proteins than you usually do, you will have a satiety feeling much faster than if you eat carbs. This means that you will not feel as hungry as you usually do when you finally eat your next meal. This does not mean that you should skip a meal just because you are not hungry. The rule is never to sit at the table feeling hungry and never to get up from the table with your stomach full.

When you keep a diet, you do not lose just weight but you also lose from your muscle mass. If you choose to add more proteins to your diet, the second part will no longer happen.

The way we drink water

You know that it’s necessary to drink plenty of water to hydrate your body no matter if you are on a diet or not. When your intentions are to speed up your metabolism is important to drink cold water. Water is a real treasure when you want to lose weight for various reasons. It does not contain calories. It keeps your stomach full. A bigger amount of water ingested will speed up your metabolism. Why cold water? Your body will have to work harder because it will have to consume more energy to heat the water. I have personally tried it and it really works. Another tip is that if you drink half a liter of water before each meal you will not feel as hungry as you did before.

Spices could be a good idea

Spicy food can boost your metabolism at higher ranges but if the amount of spices should be big, so you could notice the difference. There are few people who might enjoy such types of dishes but when you add to the spicy meals other tricks to speed up your metabolism you might get faster results. Not everyone can ingest peppers for various reasons. Some people might think that if they have sensitive stomach, peppers will do more harm to them than good. One health issue, that could get you into trouble if you eat spicy food, is the bloated bowel’ syndrome.

Change your cooking oil

If you usually use sunflower seeds oil when you cook your meals you should change that. The best type of oil that could be used on various ways is the coconut oil. You might wonder why. Well, the coconut oil contains a lot of medium-chain fats. These types of fats can increase your metabolism quite much. The coconut oil is not the only cooking grease that contains them. You can also use butter as long you do not burn it. If you do not have to replace all your oils with coconut oil. If you plan to eat a salad, you can stick with olive oil or grape seeds oil.


If you are not a coffee drinker you should not start now. Not everyone enjoys the black energizing beverage. In case you are and most people are, you should not give up your habit. Coffee could speed up your metabolism in a significant way. However, you should not overdo it because this beverage can also have side effects. In fact, if you drink too much coffee instead of feeling energized, you might feel more tired than you were before. Besides coffee, you can also drink some green tea. It has great properties similar with the ones coffee has and is filled with antioxidants that are able to fight against free radicals.


Your body needs to rest. When you sleep, you offer your body the opportunity to regain its energy. You might have notices that after a sleepless night you feel like you are a piece of cloth. You must provide for yourself good night sleep. To be able to do that you should follow some rules. You should not do any type of workout right before going to bed.

The last meal should be with at least three hours before you are planning to sleep, so your body will have the necessary time to digest it. Because we are talking about meals, it is very important to have light meals for dinner.

Do not forget your TV or any other light open. The best way is to have a system that will gradually decrease the light intensity from your bedroom but this might not be possible for everyone. When you deprive your body from sleep the next day, you might feel the urge to eat something sweet so you can regain your energy. This will only trick your organism and will help you gain weight instead of losing it.

Do not sit on your chair as much as you do

This is a rule for anyone who has a job that requires long hours in front of a desk. This is not just for your metabolism but also for your entire body. When you sit so many hours, your spine is the first one that will end up suffering. I am sure that you even eat your meals and snacks in front of your PC in order to get your job done. This is not a good thing either.

What can you do about it? This is easy. All you have to do is to stand up from time to time and even practice some stretching exercises.

What about workout?

When your intentions are to speed up your metabolism, you should do heavy workouts. You do not have to spend hours in a gym, but the exercises practice must be made at a high level of intensity. Not only lifting weights will help, but also cardio exercises are required. You will burn fat and calories faster than usual and you will feel energized after such workout session.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that not everyone can do it. You need to make sure that your health status allows you to practice such workouts. Physical exercises are recommended no matter your age or health issues but this is about heavy workouts. You must make sure that you help your organism and not otherwise. During these workouts, your heart and lungs will have to double their work so you can go through with it.


As you can see, you must make a few changes regarding the way you eat, sleep and work your body. There are not as difficult to follow. Just make a daily plan and no matter how tempted you might be to skip it, you force yourself to do it. The power to accomplish these things stands only in your brain. After you will see the first results tings will not seem as difficult as they were at the beginning.

No matter your genetic inheritance, you can change the way your body reacts as you might please. A healthy body means a longer life. You will regain your good mood and your positivity once you will regain your self-respect towards your body.

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Activate Your Metabolism
You might have heard many people who talk about metabolism. Usually when you hear this word, you are thinking about the ability of your organism to burn calories. Metabolism is not just that. It refers to all the chemicals reactions that happen inside our body.
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