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Addictive Foods

Aura S
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addictive foods

The addictive foods

I have made some researches and the list of foods that I will mention here is not based on simple theories. There were studies made by different institutes and according with those studies certain edible products were declared the most addictive.

As you might already know, when a study is made there are used wide groups of people so the results will be more concluding before they are made public. Beside the addiction to food some people also showed eating behavior addictions. But enough with the introduction, it might be the perfect time to enumerate the foods tested on these studies.

You might not be surprised with what you will discover on my list but I promise you that right before after that, things might become more interesting for you.
The first food that gained the highest score was pizza and it was quickly followed by chocolate. With an equal score chips were included in the list. Right after that we can find cookies, ice cream and French fries. When it comes about cheeseburgers there were many people addicted to those.

Sodas and cheese are followed by bacon. Fried chicken and steak are not on top but they are still there. Also muffins and breakfast cereals are not so popular but we must admit that they are quite tasty and you can never stop at just one muffin or just one bowl of cereals.
As you can obviously see all these foods are processed foods and they are forbidden from all diets not matter what nutritionist you might ask. You cannot say the same thing about the unprocessed and healthy foods. I never heard someone addicted to apples, carrots, beans or broccoli.

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Addictive Foods
There is a saying that we should eat in order to survive and not survive for eating. Even so, few of us are able to resist to temptation. This is one of the reasons why weight problems could be encountered worldwide.
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