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ADHD symptoms in children’s cases

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What is ADHD?

One of the childhood’s frequent diseases is the ADHD or the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is a very complex and complicated mental health disorder that very often can stand in the way of a kid’s success of school and their relationships with other kids, parents or loved ones. ADHD symptoms may vary from cases to cases, and in some situations, may be difficult to recognize them. A great part of the symptoms are not out of the ordinary for children to experience them, this is one of the reasons for why this disease is so hard to be recognized.

The child has to go under some criteria that are essential for the establishment of the correct ADHD diagnose. The good news is that this mental disorder can be identified and diagnosed in children by the time they reach their early teen years. The average age for diagnosing ADHD in children is 7 years old. If a child is older than 7 and experiences ADHD symptoms, it is possible that at some point in his life, he has exhibited some of the elaborate symptoms in his early life.

How to identify the ADHD?

However, every parent should be able to identify the ADHD symptoms in case their child is predisposed to develop this mental disorder. Information about a disease or health problems often represents the halfway to its solution and fixing. Here are the most frequent symptoms in ADHD:

  1. A child’s behavior that is self-focused. This means that the child isn’t able to recognize the fact that other people have their own needs and desires, and those are or can be very different than its owns. An ADHD child can be recognized by his tendency of interrupting other people while they talk, or the impatience of waiting for their turn in the classroom activities or when they are playing social games with other children. Actions like this can lead to exposing a negative behavior towards other children or people in the ADHD child’s surroundings, and if someone else doesn’t know what this behavior is really about, may interpret it as a bad behavior or a bad education received at home.
  2. Emotional control is something that a child suffering from ADHD can’t handle very well. He or she may find it difficult to keep their emotions in check. Sometimes they can even experience anger outbursts in the most inappropriate times. Young kids may have temper tantrums.
  3. Any child that is suffering from ADHD symptoms appears to be able to stay still. They fidget, get up and run around, or squirm in the chair when they are put to sit there.
  4. Another ADHD symptom includes the child’s incapacity of finishing a task or several. Even if ADHD children may show interest in a lot of different things, they are not always able to finish them. They can get involved in projects, chores and home assignments, but the next thing you know, they get involved in another activity that captures their attention.
  5. Lack of focus is another ADHD symptom in children’s cases. They seem unable to pay attention, even in the situation when another person speaks directly to them. They will admit that they’ve heard you, but you ask them to repeat what you said, they are unable to do it.
  6. When it is about activities that require the following of certain instructions that need to be planned or executed, ADHD children make careless mistakes, even though these don’t necessarily show laziness or lack o intelligence. ADHD symptoms don’t have anything to do with a child’s intelligence, but by affecting their attention and focus, it may allow them to make mistakes that may get misunderstood or wrongly interpreted.
  7. ADHD children daydream. If they are quiet and don’t get involved in activities such other kids, if they stare into plain space, ignore everything in their around and daydream, he may be experiencing ADHD symptoms. If any of these signs keep showing up and repeats themselves, then it’s a sign for you to do something about it and get your kid to seek medical care and attention.

What to do as a parent?

If a child comes across one or multiple symptoms such are these, as a responsible parent, you have to take into consideration what to do next. Go for a medical checkout if the kid shows multiple signs of ADHD symptoms, because on the long run, these signs may interfere with the child’s inability of obtaining high results and good performances at school or in their social life. The relationships with other peers may as well be affected, especially if the child starts to show negative behavior towards the rest of the kids. Do not be scared if the child has ADHD, because this mental disorder is and can be treated, especially if you discover it in its early stages. Doctors will know what treatments to suggest and you can explore all the medical options that are available and choose only what’s best for your children.

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