Affiliate Disclaimer

Have you heard of affiliate marketing as a way to make money online? Have you come across websites that claim to review certain products, but only praise them in an attempt to convince readers to follow their links for acquisitions?

TipsHire has nothing in common with those websites, although some of its revenue comes from affiliate relationships. How do we make money without compromising our integrity and going against our principles? Keep reading to find out!

Why Are Affiliate Relationships Necessary?

As you already know by now, everything in this world comes with a price. Managing a website like TipsHire can be costly, and there are few ways to cover the costs. Google’s AdSense is one of them, the main one for us. It helps us earn a predetermined amount for the ads our visitors click on.

This program relies on complex algorithms that analyze your online activity and display relevant ads for your previous Google searches and online browsing history. We have no control over what ads you see, and, therefore, over the quality of the products or services they refer to.

If some of the ads refer to products or services reviewed on our website, you can be sure it is just a coincidence. We are not the ones advertising them, and you should do your research before buying any of them, to make sure they are worth the price.

Most of the times, the ads will have nothing in common with our activity. Some of them may look out of place, but all should reflect your interests. Some may actually turn out helpful. If they don’t, and you find them annoying, we apologize. This is one of those things you hate but you have to do in order to survive.

Unfortunately, Google AdSense does not ensure the necessary revenue to cover all the expenses with this website. We gather the rest through affiliation. In other words, we include in some of our reviews links to the official websites selling and promoting the products and/or services in question.

Unlike other websites that publish excellent reviews of mediocre products, just to convince people to buy them, we stick to the truth. We respect your right of knowing where your money goes and what the product you consider buying has to offer. That is why we will never try to deceive you or influence you in any way.

The main rules every review on our website has to abide by refers to objectivity and honesty. We don’t take sides, but if we did, it would surely be yours. If you browse through our reviews, you will see that high ratings are rare, and always fully justifieburryd. We also justify critics and low ratings, so we never praise or criticize for money.

What Products Do Our Affiliate Relationships Refer to?

We have affiliate relationships with few companies. We carefully investigate them and their products beforehand, to make sure they live up to your expectations. Our goal is to help you enjoy your shopping experience and make informed decisions. If this means criticizing our affiliate products, so be it.

Our website encourages visitors to share their own experience with the reviewed products. As you will see for yourself, our reviews are almost always in consensus with those of our visitors, or the differences are small and easy to explain.

When we suggest products, we do it responsibly, and with the best intentions. If we discover a product doesn’t perform as advertised and we were wrong in our initial assessment, we end the affiliation and update our reviews accordingly.

We are humans, so we can’t guarantee we won’t make mistakes. What we do guarantee is that we care more about your satisfaction than about the money the affiliation with a certain product could bring. To honor our commitment to you, to quality, and to honest advertising, we will acknowledge all mistakes and take measures to correct them.

If you try one of our affiliate product, or any of the products reviewed on our website and you disagree with our conclusions, let us know, and give us a chance to show that we care. In the meantime, we are doing everything in our power to live up to our promises and avoid disappointing you.

Why Do We Take Chances?

As mentioned above, we have to survive, and affiliation is one of our means. We may take chances when it comes to choosing the products we affiliate with, but we’ll never take chances when it comes to your satisfaction.

We only recommend valuable products that provide a satisfactory, if not excellent, price-quality ratio, and we offer complete, unbiased information on them, to enable you to make the best choice for your needs and budget.