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Agras MG-1 Spraying

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Agriculture – Then and now

In the past, agriculture was practiced by ordinary people, most of the time, they were working the territories of the rich people in order to ensure a slightly more favorable life. The tools used by them were heavy, meaning that they were working hard to cultivate the land. They worked full hours a day to manage the field, even on a smaller surface.

Nowadays, technology has advanced a lot, the equipment with which the land is being worked has also advanced. It is much easier today to work with an agricultural tractor than with tools such as those used in the past.

As I said, technology has advanced a lot, one of the few techs that helps you in farming has appeared on the market. The Drone MG-1 is specially designed for crop spraying. With this drone, you can easily spray all the desired plantations by flying on the surface of them, the drone can reach inaccessible places, spraying all the plantations extremely easily.
The mode of transportation of this drone is very ingenious, you can easily fold the engines and the occupied space will be much smaller. The drone is made of non-rusting, waterproof and dust-resistant material, which is very important because you can work your plantation in almost any condition.

About the Agras MG-1 Drone

The Drone MG-1 is powerful enough for a tech. There are several information that you have to know about this smart tech.

Engine information:

– It has a Max Thrust of 5.1 kg/rotor, the drone’s power is 770 W and its weight is 280g without including the cooling fan.
– The maximum rotation is 130 RPM/V
The Diagonal Wheelbase is 1520 mm and the Frame Arm Length is 625 mm. The dimensions of this drone are divided into two categories:
– With the unfolded motors, the drone has the following dimensions: 1471mm x 1471mm x 482mm
– With folded engines, the donation has the following dimensions: 80mm x 780mm x 482mm

Spray system:

– It has a tank that can fit in 10 liters of liquid, the usable operating load is 10 KG.
– The size of this drone’s largest battery is 151mm x 195mm x 70mm
Since this drone is used in agriculture, it also has some parameters
– The battery powered by this drone is the DJI Designated Battery (MG-12000), the max power consumption being about 6400 W, and the hovering power compsunction being about 3250 W.
– The approximate time that the drone can hover is 24 minutes if it takes off with 12.5 KG and 10 minutes if it takes off with 22.5 KG.
– The maximum speed the drone can reach is 22 m/s and the maximum speed with which it can work is 8 m/s
– Standard take off weight is 22.5 Kg and the maximum is 24.5 Kg.

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