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Agras MG-1 Spraying

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Considering the power and speed of this drone, it’s much easier to spray with it than with normal techniques. It is about 50 times faster to spray with the MG-1 drones. A surface of between 8,000m² and 12,000m² can be sprayed in about 20 minutes. The drone is absolutely perfect for both large areas of land and small surfaces. In about an hour, the drone can spray between 7 and 10 acres.

Spraying can be done very easily thanks to the 3 nozzles. Depending on the work the drone MG-1 has to do, you can choose one of the three types of nozzles, each attached under the motors. The three types of nozzles are: Interchangeable Nozzle, Atomized Spraying and Comprehensive Spraying.

The Drone MG-1 has a special remote control with which it is controlled, this remote has a Dedicated Display Panel. This panel has several commands and sensors. The most important sensors on this remote are: Empty Tank, Battery Level, Spraying Speed, Flying Height and Flying Speed (m s). Since this drone is very efficient and has a simple enough to use remote control, it is now easier to spray all the desired terrain. Since this drone is very efficient and advanced, the use of the remote control is now more simple, it is now easier to spray all the desired terrain.

The MG-1 drone facilitates some of the most ingenious systems, more exactly:

– Smart mode – It’s very easy to plan the route you want the MG-1 drone to pass across each time, without you having to adjust it.
– Manual Plus mode – The drone makes the same turns every time at the touch of a button, the same as the Smart mode.
– Manual mode – Using this navigation mode, you are the one who control this drone, without the help of other intelligent systems, through the joysticks available on this remote.

If until now agriculture meant manual work and whole hours of back pain, now everything will be more fun. Nothing is easier than crop spraying only by sitting on a chair and controlling a drone, or, it would be much easier to set your drones to work alone by turning on the Smart Mode.


Being a countryside citizen, I understand how hard it can be to work the field with ordinary tools, utilities are not available for everyone, in this case, all you can do is ask a neighbor to help you. Now it’s a lot easier with this drone, all you have to do is set it up to follow a certain route or control it, in this way you will finish your business much faster without having to put up your physical work.
Such a drone costs about $12000-13000, but the way it works and the very short time it finishes any work makes me think that this drone really worth the money.

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