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All there is to know about Turmeric

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All there is to know about Turmeric

We can find these days on the market a multitude of spices with which we can improve our daily meals and not only that. All of these spices come from a wide variety of plants that might have many other properties that can be magical for your health. In the following rows of this article, I will reveal for you a few facts about Turmeric. You might have heard about it and some of you might have tried it, but do you know everything there is to know about this magic plant? In case I raised your interest, you should continue your reading. I will try to share with you all my knowledge related to this spice. You will see that after reading it the first thing that you will do is to run at the first market or supermarket and buy it. Some spices should not be missed from our kitchen and Turmeric is one of them.

Turmeric’ origin

The turmeric is a plant that grows in Asia and Africa. It can be easily found in its raw state in countries such as India, China, Japan, Indonesia or Taiwan. It is highly popular in the Indian’ kitchen. It is strongly related with another very popular plant, namely the ginger. Most people are aware of the ginger’ properties. Considering the relation between these two plants, some of these properties can be borrowed by turmeric as well?

Turmeric’ uses

When I will start enumerating all the turmeric’ uses you will be amazed. One of the most important effects is the fact that it can really help your liver to function well. We all know that our liver is a vital organ that accomplished allot of tasks so other organs will be able to function properly. The fact that it helps it eliminate all the toxins is a great plus for this spice. It can also inhibit the tumors’ growth and not just at the liver’ level. Many studies showed up that it has a positive effect on people who suffer of lung cancer, breast cancer, skin or colon cancer.

It is able to improve the blood flow and also it has antiviral properties. Due to the fact he the blood flow is improved, also the heart functions will be improved and this way the danger of having a heart attack are smaller. It seems that it can also preserve the joints’ mobility as well. It is also a great ally when you are fighting flu.

When you want to use it especially for its therapeutic properties, you can consume it in a raw state or as you can find it in stores, as a powder. You can also prepare teas and infusions from this plant root. In specialized stores you can find turmeric’ tincture which is very useful and effective due to its concentration.

Are there any side effects?

As in most cases, when you exaggerate things can turn against you. You need to request a medical advice before taking any type of therapy no matter if the ingredients used are just some plants. Due to its properties, if you follow a treatment based on anticoagulants, you might be forbidden to consume turmeric in wide quantities. Also, in wide quantities it may cause heartburns or you can gain an ulcer. Nothing should be taken without medical’ approval.

Cook with turmeric

As any other spice, this spice can be added in different dishes. Why we should cook with it? Even if it is boiled and exposed at high temperatures, this spice is able to preserve its properties even so. Beside the benefits turmeric can bring to our health, it can also add a special color to your food and also an unique flavor.  You do not have to use wide quantities of this spice to obtain a beautiful color and taste.

The Europeans might not be used to use it. As I already mentioned the Indian’ kitchen is familiar with this spice. In fact, he Indian kitchen is known as the spiciest one. This does not mean that you should eat only Indian food. They have the tendency to exaggerate with these spices and your stomach might become quite sensitive. Also if you suffer of short bowel syndrome you should stay away of Indian’ kitchen.


After enumerating all the things from above, now you might have a little bit more knowledge about this special spice and about what it can do for you. It can be easily found in local stores so it will not be a problem to supply your kitchen with it. One thing that you should be aware of is its ability to leave yellow stains that can hardly be removed. So, if you handle a turmeric’ root you should not do it without gloves.

It can also be very useful when you are dealing with acne. You can create homemade acne treatments in which you can add a bit of turmeric. It might have a yellow color but it will wash off from your skin. How come it can work for your acne issues. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help you decrease the pimples size and ache intensity as well. Also things like rashes can be calmed down thanks to turmeric.

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