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Why You Should Always Shower Before Going to Bed

Diane Luke
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Doing a shower is an integral part of your everyday life. But when is it healthier to wash? For some of us, the shower is ideal in the morning, gives us energy and prepares us for the next day. For others, the evening showers help relax before bedtime. Why you should always shower before going to bed is the question. Let’s find out!

Every one of us has his own gossip to guide his life on. Some of us are more mature and we like to follow a real morning beauty ritual with shower, makeup, and hairstyle. Other women can not sleep without taking a shower in the evening. Or others are showering both in the evening and in the morning!

However, dermatologists say you can consider the type of skin and the issues you have to know when it’s the best time to shower. Yahoo Health has even prepared a guide on this. Among the factors you consider are the type of skin, the degree of pollution in your life, and how much physical activity you are doing.

When it’s good to shower in the morning?

The morning shower helps you get rid of the excess of fat that accumulates during the night and cleans your pores. Otherwise, you can increase your risks of soaking your skin with sebum and, implicitly, of making pimples.

If you sweat much at night, you need to wash that sweat in the morning. The sweat should be removed from the body so that the skin can breathe and be fresh and clean. Otherwise, you can get hit by all sorts of skin problems, from rashes on the back and to serious eczema. Plus, you will not even feel comfortable dressing in clean clothes after sweating all night because of the hectic.

If you do sports in the morning. It may seem obvious that after doing sports, you have to take a shower automatically, but sometimes, due to lack of time, you may prefer to use some wet napkins to clean yourself, and so on. Although it’s a more convenient option, it’s best to take a shower, even a short one, to get rid of all that sweat and to refresh your skin.

When it’s good to take a shower at night?

If you are stressed and need relaxation. Water helps you relax your body after a long and heavy day. However, according to some studies, the evening shower can change your body temperature and disrupt sleep patterns. Thus, you may fall asleep.

If you notice that this happens, it is advisable to take a shower at least two hours before bedtime.

If you makeup daily. Steam from hot water helps you clean your face more thoroughly. Hot water “melts” the sebum layer and impurities gathered on the skin over a full day, helping to a better cleansing.

If you have dry skin. It is not recommended to wash in the morning if you have dry skin or have an eczema. The skin should be cleaned in the evening, in order to have a peaceful night. Otherwise, if you already have skin problems, it is likely to make your condition even worse if you do not clean it properly.

If you work in a bacterial environment. It is best to get rid of whatever is on your skin as soon as you get home, in order not to contaminate your home or the others in your family.

It is also valid after coming home from a night in the city because of the pollution, or after you’re coming home from a pub or a club because of the cigarette smoke. 

Why You Should Always Shower Before Going to Bed

Simply because you went out, for work, or for shopping, or even if you met with your friends at a BBQ.

Going out puts you in direct contact with the environment, which is not as clean as you might think.

Dust, cars’ exhaust, your own sweat, especially in hot summer days, insects, smoke, and many more, are getting impregnated on your skin during the whole day.

Most likely, you don’t want to take all that in your fresh, nice smelling bedding, do you?

Therefore, this is the best reason why you should always shower before going to bed.

Additionally, a shower just before bedtime is relaxing if taken with hot water and it can help you sleep better. Also, your skin will be hydrated and you’ll be able to start your next day clean and relaxed.

It is good to consider these rules, but the wisest is to guide you to your own needs, and for this it is important to be careful about your body and skin problems.

Whatever you decide, do not sit in the shower too much, and don’t take frequent showers. Otherwise, you could take down the natural oils that act as a natural shield on your skin.

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