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Amway – Pros And Cons

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Finding great products for one’s various needs might be quite of a challenge with all the offers and manufacturers out there. There are companies that have worked hard to earn a top position through quality products and fairly tailored prices. If you browse a lot when it comes to shopping nutrition products, beauty care, home items, jewelry, and other similar items, you might have run into Amway.

You might be a regular customer or you’re just trying to get more information on the way this company works, the quality of their products, and even their job opportunities. Amway is our under magnifying glass today. Stay tuned to find answers to some of your questions.

What is Amway?

Based out of Ada, MI, Amway is a direct sales company with a history of over 50 years and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau that offers a great selection of products and rewards Independent Business Owners (IBOs) with commissions from each sale. Now, in the last few years, the company received few complaints yet its general reputation falls into the negative category because of the many unsatisfied IBOs. Their experience with the company was described by many of them as being difficult as far as money making is concerned and dishonest when it comes to recruiting tactics.

The way Amway works is simple. As other direct-selling companies, they hire individuals to sell their exclusive products rewarding them with commissions for each sale they make. Therefore, if you’re more than a customer interested in their products, the company offers the opportunity to become a business owner and sell their products.

Amway Products

You’re likely to have heard of the products Amway offers. They are popular thanks to the various needs they cover and their quality and even thanks to the individuals trying to sell them to you. No matter how you’ve learned about Amway, here’s a list of products you can buy from them:

  • Nutrition products including weight management products, vitamins, supplements, energy drinks and even sports nutrition.
  • Beauty, bath and body care such as cosmetics, makeup, hair care, and more.
  • Home items like cleaning products and cookware.
  • Fragrances
  • Accessories and jewelry
  • B2B products.

If you’re new to this and you want to try their products, you can get them from their official website. You might as well not find yourself in that position as they will come to you thanks to the many IBOs selling them.

If what interests you is to sell Amway products, you can do that by registering as an Independent Business Owner (IBO). Once you do so, you can earn money thanks to their Compensation Plan. The company claims that they will offer you the support, training, and mentoring you need to make this money-making opportunity successful.

Basically, you start with creating your own team of distributors. This means you will have to recruit your friends and family members and convince them to become active distributors. Once you have such a team, your money will come from the sale of Amway products and business tools. There are people who make more money from selling the motivation materials and tools to their downline than from selling the actual Amway products. Each item you sell or consume will get you points that mean income. The idea is to get as many points as possible, that is to sell/consume as many products as possible in order to enjoy a satisfying income.

Now, you will have to pay in order to become an IBO. There are two options when signing up, the IBO Literature Kit and the IBO Product Kit. The first one will provide you with a detailed guide to help you start your business, information regarding the bonus programs, training, and brochures. You can enjoy all that for $62.

The second business kit, the IBO Product Kit, costs $83.99 and includes all the items you find in the Welcome Kit plus full-size products of $150. The company says that dissatisfied IBOs can receive a 100% refund within 90 days of their purchase by simply contacting the customer service at 800-253-6500 or customer.service@amway.com.

Amway – What Do Users Say

If you want to try the company and earn money from selling their products, there are various things you need to keep in mind. Let’s start with the pros. The company is in business since half a century ago. They’ve reached $10+ billion in annual revenue offering the biggest bonus you can get from a direct sales company. Amway offers you the possibility to get residual income that gets bigger with every month from running a home-based business.

Now, the cons side also includes several things you might want to consider before signing up. One of the first downsides that come to mind is the high prices of their products. If the prices are not affordable and the products can be purchased only by a limited number of people, chances are that the money you hope you will earn won’t be satisfying.

Then, there’s the generally negative perception of MLM or direct sales companies. Another drawback is related to their recruiting tactics perceived by people who tried to start their own business with Amway products as being dishonest. And last but not least, the company has a pyramid sort of architecture. This means that making it to the top of the Amway hierarchy will take a lot of work, time, and a large network of distributors.

Bottom Line

One of the best ways to know if this is for you or not is to read and find out about what other people’s experience with Amway has been like. The reviews we’ve found say that things are not that easy as an IBO or Amway representative makes it look like. Even if you have the opportunity to build your own schedule, enjoy flexibility, and so on, becoming successful takes time, work, and even money at first.

Many IBOs end up earning little money since it’s not that easy to build a team of distributors and find people interested in buying Amway products. And if you want to enjoy a significant income you will have to put a lot of effort into recruiting other people to sell for you. Try to learn more from the people who have been directly involved in this if you don’t know how such a business is like and the amount of work it involves.

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