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Are Sharks Attracted by Period Blood?

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There are many people who dream to spend their vacations on the ocean’ shores. You may be one of them. After all that year of work you need to find a place to relax you and make you feel comfortable. Usually who loves the ocean will also love swimming in it. Discovering the underwater world may be one of the most exciting trips a human can make.

If you are a woman and you enjoy swimming or diving, you may have certain concerns. One of them is the appearance of sharks. As a woman, you have more concerns if you find yourself in your monthly period. This is what you will read about in the following rows of this article. Do sharks feel your period blood? This might be a concern to which you may want to find the answer. This is why you should continue your reading.

Details about sharks’ abilities

The myth say that sharks have great smelling abilities. This is not just a myth. The reality is that sharks have this ability much more developed than humans do. You may also heard that sharks are drawn to blood from very far distances. This is not as real as they say it is. The phrase ‘sharks can smell blood from miles away’ is not true at all. They can barley smell it from a quarter of a mile away. They also have other abilities to find their pray. They can detect the electric vibes created by the muscles movements of the pray.

But still this will require a shorter distance from the pray to be able to detect it. They can be attracted by the blood smell but not especially the human blood. You will be surprised to find out that they do not consider us being best type of food for them. In fact they prefer to avoid us. They do not really like the taste of our flesh. Even so, they are and will remain one of the biggest enemies for humans as long they are near us. They see us in the same way.

Can sharks smell a woman’ period blood?

There were many studies made and it seems that this is mostly unlikely to be real. Your period blood is not pure blood. It is mixed with other substances that may fade its scent quite much. Besides that, it will not be released freely in the ocean’ waters. You certainly wear a tampon that will keep it locked inside your uterus. As it was mentioned earlier, sharks are quite attracted by the electrical vibes made by our muscles and also our blood is filled with cells that can emit electricity.

The main thing you should know about humans is that a very important organ of our body is able to decrease the intensity of these electrical vibes. This organ’ name is our skin. As you can see, our own body is able to protect us. You should not think that you are completely protected. Yes, sharks attack humans but being during your monthly period will not make you more vulnerable than others are. This is not something you should worry about.


In case you really want to have such vacation in which you can explore the ocean’ waters as much as possible, you can feel free to do it. If a shark will find itself too close to you, no matter if you are during your period or not you will be just as vulnerable as others. You should not move too fast to escape from the danger.

Your period blood will be the last thing that you should worry about. Remember that to have a great vacation you should take your safety measures so you will not find yourself in an impossible situation. You want to have fun and not otherwise. The studies proved that the most appealing smell for sharks is the amino-acids smell and not your blood.

I hope many of your questions were answered and you will not worry too much about your monthly period. You know that most women experience such issues during their vacation. It is as the whole universe plotted against them and along with the free time and sunrays they also have to face their menstrual cramps.

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