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Are You a Breakfast Person?

Aura S
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are you a breakfast person

Their nutrition is not based only on fruits or veggies but they do eat unprocessed foods. I will also mention that not all the studies made on this specific subject gave similar results. If some of them proved that the theory was right others showed no differences. This means, as I always believed, that it differs from individual to individual. I also believe that our bodies speak quite loud I we are willing to hear them. This means that we should eat when we feel hungry, we should sleep when we feel tired and also we should drink when we feel thirsty.

Filling our intestines with food when our organism does not request it will not speed up our metabolism.
It is perfectly true, that after you eat lunch you feel like resting, but you have the same feeling when you eat lunch and you also had breakfast. I personally do not believe that the effect is caused by the lack of breakfast in the morning. We should not eat too much and I totally agree with that but we are not starving our bodies intentionally. We just do not feel hungry.

This means that we do not stress our bodies in any way. We give them what they need when they request it. I also read previous theories that underlined that people who miss breakfast have a low social condition. This is another lie on my opinion.
I am not saying that breakfast is not an important meal. Also the advice given by most all nutritionists that we should eat less and more often can bring many benefits to our internal organs.


My opinion is that some people are breakfast persons and others are not. I do not believe that this will influence your health or your weight as long you pay some attention to what you eat. We are different individuals and we work in different ways just as out metabolism does. This does not mean that we are putting ourselves in danger.

I’ve seen many overweight persons who don’t eat breakfast but this does not mean that this is the cause for their condition. The only way you can figure it out is to try this experience. I am not saying that it will not work for you but in case it doesn’t you should not fall in despair.
The main thing with which I do agree is to stop eating processed food filled with fats and sweets. I do not agree with the fact that you should eat wide amounts of fruits and veggies if your body does not feel good after that. Some people might react in a negative way. You should not exclude fats or proteins from your diet either because each of them has its own important part. As long you feel good with no breakfast this should not be a problem but you should not starve yourself either.

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Are You a Breakfast Person?
I have read many articles, books and magazines that claim that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since we were young children we also heard our parents say the same thing.
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