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Area 51 – The Secrets Behind the Organization

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area51 the secrets behind the organization

Robert Scott Lazar, also known as Bob Lazar, has worked for many years in this secret facility. He is one of the people who attested to the fact that in Area 51, people are working with different alien technologies. This man was involved in reverse engineering and studied the various vehicles that were powered by Element 115, Moscovium. Lazar claims he has received a lot of classified records, which he read, being amazed by the information found there. He says that those files are categorized information on the past 10,000 years, during this time, the aliens were involved in human activities. These aliens, as Bob Lazar claims, are from a planet that has orbited the twin binary star system Zeta Reticuli.

There has been a lot of conspiracy around Area 51 around the world, although no one has any concrete evidence that any of these would be real, they continue to believe. Why? For the simple reason that everything is kept secret and no one knows the truth, so people create all sorts of conspiracy theories. These conspiracies move very quickly on the Internet, some of them are: Building technology so advanced that they could time travel, teleportation, weapons that could control the weather, alien ships within Area 51, different experiments on aliens, even collaboration with aliens. These conspiracy theories are just a few of the dozens of hypotheses that people believe.

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Since U-2s were rising to a tremendously high height, people considered them as UFOs because they could not really figure out what was in the sky. Let’s not forget the wings of this plane, in the sunlight, the wings shine, giving the impression that it is a UFO.

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Area 51 - The Secrets Behind the Organization
Area 51 is a military base where different types of tests are made, they are experimenting new supersonic aircraft and last generation weapons, this base belongs to the American Army and is one of the most confidential bases of the United States owned by the Government.
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