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ATR Orbiter Reviews

Aura S
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When winter comes, things could be a bit difficult especially if you live in an area where it snows the entire season. It is a dreamy landscape to watch but when you must face it every day, for at least three months per year, you might not see it as beautiful as others do.

The worst part is when you must shovel all that snow so you could walk on the street or to get your car out of the garage. Usually the Town Hall should handle these situations but sometimes they only remove the snow from the main roads and the small streets between the houses remain filled with huge mountains of snow.

In the following rows of this article, I will talk about a small machine that is able to remove the snow quite easily and with the smallest effort from your part. If you are interested then you should continue your reading.

What is ATR orbiter?

ATR orbiter is a remote controlled snowplow. What it means more exactly? It could really be controlled by just one remote? After seeing the presentation video, I understood that it is possible. It is like small snowplow, with a very pleasant design that could be controlled directly from your door steps or even from your living room while you might watch your favorite TV show. It is an electrical device, which means that it does not interfere with our environment.

It is gifted with a powerful engine that will prevent any traction losses. Besides being used as a snowplow, it could also be used for other purposes. It could also pull heavy loads thanks to the same powerful engine. It can work perfectly no matter how is the weather. This means that no matter if the ground is dry or wet your small machine will work perfectly with no problems.

It is also gifted with quite wide tracks that offer it stability and if it has to overcome obstacles in its way, it will not be a problem for ATR orbiter, no matter if you are talking about branches, mud, rocks or whatever else.

As I already said, an electrical device works with rechargeable batteries. These batteries could be easily charged in very short periods of time and they have a long life as well. This small remote machine does not necessitate too much maintenance. It is also provided with a security stop function. You could also choose its color. If you visit the official website, you will be able to find various details regarding the technical specification of this special device that might become your best friend.

You should not forget that you could use it to clean your driving alley and your yard of snow but you could also use it after the snow melts so you could clean the alleys of mud so your alley will become dry and ready to walk on.

Does it worth your time and money?

According with its manufacturer, it does. I have not seen too many reviews about it and I have not seen at least one posted by a person who bought it. I found a presentation article were it was mentioned that it is on the testing phase. This means that it was not released on the market yet. I do not know if this information is up to date, but considering that I have not seen any review from a customer I believe that you will have to wait a little bit more to own such small and effective friend.


I did not found anything related about its price either but I suppose that such investment could be an expensive one. If it will be able to do what it promises, I consider it a good investment no matter its price, but this will not be my decision to take. You are the only one who will decide if you allocate a part of your budget to make this purchase.

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ATR Orbiter Reviews

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