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Hey, I'm a passionate frequently traveler in love to discover the world. I'm fascinated by exploring new things and by the mysteries of the world, universe and history. I write to relax and clear my mind in a pleasing way for me.

Crazy Bulk Supplements Review

crazy bulk supplements review

We all want our body to look good and healthy. To do this is very important to rest, follow a diet prescribed by a specialist and do regular exercises. Because we want immediate results and because the market is full of attractive supplements and a lot of unknown producers, we risk running into a trap that could make our health …

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What are Legal Steroids?

legal steroids

What steroids actually are? Steroids are synthetic substances similar to the male sex hormone testosterone. These steroids are focusing on the growth of the muscle tissue, most of the times used as a faster way to “get bigger”. Not everyone wants to keep a strict diet and go to gym daily. There are people who think that taking steroids is …

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How to Use Marijuana for Pain Relief

marijuana pain relief

Marijuana and its effects Marijuana is a psychoactive drug obtained from the Cannabis plants, this type of drug is used by smoking in general, but it is also used in medical purposes, it gives mental and physical effect to those who are using this type of drug. The effects of smoking marijuana are being felt after only a few minutes, …

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Best Diet or Exercise to Lose Weight Fast

exercise lose weight fast

For each of us, there comes a point in life when we want to look thinner, when we need to lose some belly fat and that’s the moment when we start to look for the best solution for losing weight in the easiest and fastest way. The best way to start losing weight is to combine in a healthy way …

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Bermuda Triangle – Mystery or Not?

bermuda triangle mistery

The Bermuda Triangle was considered one of the most dangerous places, in this “triangle” there have been many shipwrecks and airplane crashes. The disappearances date back to 1945, on 5 December, when 5 planes disappeared during a military exercise, these planes were fully equipped and checked when they took off, but they never managed to get back. Not even the …

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The Philadelphia Experiment (aka The Rainbow Experiment)

the philadelphia experiment

Is teleportation possible? Since we were young, we liked cartoons and SF films where people were teleporting themselves from one place to another in a very short time. This fascinated us when we were young and often we even wanted to be able to teleport ourselves from one place to another, for example, from home to school. It seemed simple …

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The Antique Pyamids

the ancient pyramids

The pyramid of Keops, also known as The Pyramid of Khufu, is one of the 7 wonders of the world and one of the oldest constructions around the world. However, there are many other pyramids around the world, not only that, they have different dimensions and their structure is extremely unusual. How were the pyramids built? People are unlikely to …

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Stinger USB Emergency Tool Review

stinger usb tool review

Have you ever been in danger in your own car? Serious accidents often happen, most of the time you are still conscious and you would do anything to get out of the car. If the car overrides, your chances of getting out of it are diminished, being caught inside, your only chance is to break the window and get out, …

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Yeehaw Printer Review

yeehaw printer review

Have you ever thought technology will advance so much? Two years ago, one of the most ingenious inventions for children was launched. Yeehaw printer is not an ordinary printer, but one that can create 3D figurines. About YeeHaw printer As I said, this printer is specially created for admirers of action movies created specifically for inventive kids who want a …

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Reflexbox 2.0 – An italian Wireless Charger

reflexbox 2 review

It all started when two Italian brothers thought the world needed a new technology, something to revolutionize. They wanted to create an object to charge your phone without having to connect it with cables. At the same time, they also thought about creating a display that would give you some advantages and utilities. About Reflexbox They have been working at …

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