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My name is Anca- Gabriela and I'm an aspiring writer from Romania. I love to write and I believe it's the best way to leave behind a legacy. Also writing is like a therapy for me, helping me to put out there any thought wandering through my mind. I get my inspiration from books, movies, and good music.

10 Tips and Techniques to Prevent Flu and Cold

prevent flu cold

How to prevent flu and cold Each year there’re those months when flu and cold germs give a huge party where everybody is invited without a previous notice. It’s that time of the year when any weak immune system can immediately catch a cold. Moreover, such germs are spreading so fast that prevention awareness should be acknowledged as much as …

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WiFiBlast Range Extender – Is it a Scam?

wifiblast range extender review

Extend the wireless signal We’re living in a world where the Internet plays a major role in most people’s lives. Either we need it to work, to make our school projects, or just to download our favorite podcasts, we need it. But what can you do if, even though we’re living in such developed technological days, your Internet speed is …

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10 Best Gift Ideas Under $50 that She Would Love

best gift ideas under 50

How to choose the best gift Whenever you need to show your appreciation and love through a gift, you always have to carefully choose the best option. Ideally, you’d spend no matter what amount of money to, at least, get closer to how much you appreciate that special woman you wish to impress. It’s a way of showing your respect …

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Is Peppa Pig Multi-Vits worth your money?

peppa pig multi vits review

As a parent, you want your little one to grow into a healthy and balanced adult. There are many things you can do, like building a strong relationship with him and teach him how to maintain a strong and sane body. Kid’s healthy nutrition When it comes to eating the right foods, it’s really difficult sometimes to convince those little …

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Is Life Line Screening Helpful?

life line screening review

Health is one of the most important assets a human being has. If back in the old days people were only getting worried once their health showed visible signs of deterioration, nowadays it’s different. There are many viruses which can affect the body without showing it too much. Disease prevention This is how people have started to become more interested …

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To Go or Not to Go for the Mirror Home Workout?

mirror home workout review

Home workout In the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of people who choose to workout from home. Whether you see it as a whim, or you completely agree with it, it’s happening. Maybe people are starting to figure out that they can spend their money in other places, other than on expensive gym …

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Best Tips to Get in Shape in the Comfort of Your Home

home workout

Those who say that working out is easy have never tried getting rid of substantial fat deposits and numerous extra kilos. It’s a process and the amount of work and effort one has to put in is sometimes really discouraging. Home workout Loaded with enough patience and motivation, extra weight can become just a distant memory. As long as you …

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Best Advice on Safer City Cycling

safe city cycling

Nowadays city life can seem pretty numbing and boring at times. However, you can always leave your car at home and go for a bicycle. Just imagine exploring the streets on your favorite bike, while listening to your favorite tracks. However, you can also get into the dark side because city cycling can be pretty scary, as well. This is …

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How to Make Your Kid Fall in Love with Reading?

make your kid fall in love reading

Any parent out there wishes the best for their kids and sometimes actually doing this is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Children should be brought up as confident individuals, as many specialists recommend. Being confident is something that can be easily achieved by becoming a fluent reader, and so the little ones should enjoy reading. But what would be …

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Choosing the Best Sunscreen as Experts Advise

choosing best sunscreen

We all love summer sunny days, but when it comes to sunbathing there are some really important things to be mentioned. Sun can be a really good friend, as long as we know some limits. Sun protection Sunbathing too much can quicken the appearance of aging signs and so sunscreen lotions come into action. There are several things to keep …

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