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My name is Anca- Gabriela and I'm an aspiring writer from Romania. I love to write and I believe it's the best way to leave behind a legacy. Also writing is like a therapy for me, helping me to put out there any thought wandering through my mind. I get my inspiration from books, movies, and good music.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget: 6 Gift Ideas for Her

celebrate valentines day

What to do for Valentine's Day this year? Celebrating love is wonderful, but what if you’re on a tight budget this year on Valentine’s Day? Making a woman happy can become quite stressful because you want to see that pretty smile on her face, as she receives your gift. Moreover, it becomes even more overwhelming as everything around us seems …

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Can You Trust TruthFinder?

truthfinder review

With today’s technology, there is no doubt that information flies around with somehow the speed of light. Moreover, nowadays it’s pretty easy to find out even personal information about a certain individual. In this article we’re going to reveal what information we gathered regarding TruthFinder. Ever heard of it? Actually, the website promises to provide you with personal information about …

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To Give or not to Give Nutra Thrive a Try?

nutra thrive review

Pet's health Dogs are man’s best friends and they sometimes need some special attention, especially when it comes to their health. Manufacturers have focused on this and so we now have at our disposal multiple dog supplement choices. One of them is called Nutra Thrive and it was produced to sustain your furry friend’s health. Besides the fact that these …

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Should you trust Nick Vertucci’s ‘Flip with Nick’?

flip with nick reviews

In the past decade, real estate investment has gained a lot of interest, as numerous people have claimed to found the pot of gold. There are several strategies that can be applied and nowadays we have many seminars, online classes, etc. to help us with that. Several individuals have exposed their knowledge through their online courses and one of them …

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How Helpful is ZipRecruiter?

ziprecruiter reviews

Nowadays, there are numerous options for finding a job, as information flies around easily. With just a Google search, you can learn about any field that might need your experience. How ZipRecruiter works? The multiple online employment platforms can greatly help anyone looking to stat work. ZipRecruiter is one that caught our attention. It uses in-house technology to link businesses …

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How to do shopping on 2020 Black Friday the right way?

black friday shopping

Black Friday facts Black Friday has become a tradition for all those seeking to spend less for more. Each year the news show us how people are basically stepping on each other in order to get that cheap washing machine or hair drier. This all chaos created with these discounts is due to those who are not ready to do …

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Try These Tips to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh and Greener

keep christmas tree green

Winter holidays Don’t we all love the holidays, the cinnamon smell, the excitement of buying and getting the perfect gift, the general vibe that seems to make you forget about stress and life’s low moments. However, we believe that the Christmas tree is the star of the holidays. If you’re not making it to get to Santa Claus’ heart, then …

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5 Simple Tips to Help You Make a Budget for the Holidays

make holidays budget

Planning the holidays budget The holiday season is that time of the year when everyone wants to give the best gifts. This can only happen if you spend some money and this can be a little tricky for some of us. This season of giving is basically the season of spending and this article should come in handy for helping …

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7 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Artificial Christmas Tree

best artificial christmas tree

Choosing the Christmas tree There are many ways people choose to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Each of us have different needs and while some prefer a natural Christmas tree to brighten up their winter spirit, some turn to the artificial tree. With both options come several pros and cons, but who are we to judge, right? This article will not …

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