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My name is Aura and I am a very active woman. I like being like that because I consider that I have many things to learn from this life. The main reason why I started to write, was to increase my income. In time I realized that this was not my real goal. I wanted to prove to me, that I have the ability to communicate through writing with people around the world. I like the idea of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people even if sometimes they may not agree with me. This is maybe the most important thing in this job. You must allow other people to come with their own ideas backed up by solid arguments. Another thing, that made me fall in love with writing, was the fact that I can do, even if I do it in my spare time, something I really wanted to do my entire life. Expressing myself through writing gives me the freedom that I can' t find when I am at my daily workplace. With all these things being said, I hope you will find my articles interesting and useful.

Neuracel – A Real Painkiller

When you are dealing with pains, things could become quite unpleasant. No matter where the pain might be, it could damage our lifestyle completely. This is something no person should experience. When the pains are caused by some kind f disease and they become chronic, things could become unbearable. This is one of the reasons why, people try to find …

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Evoshake- Is It a Scam or Not?

Losing weight is something that many people want. After a certain age your metabolism slows down and you might start gaining weight without changing anything from your daily habits related to nutrition or physical activities. Sometimes, things could be even worse than just getting a few kilograms. Besides our age there are many other reasons why we might gain unwanted …

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Is Pura Bella for Real or Not?

Aging is not our favorite part of our lives. Most people and mostly women will do anything to preserve their beauty and youth as much as possible. This is the reason why the cosmetic industry flourished so much in time. Since de oldest times, women and sometimes men found all kinds of tricks to improve their looks and sometimes they …

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Spring Allergies and the Climate

spring allergies and the climate

When spring season comes we can admire how the nature comes back to life. The green is greener, the sky is bluer, the flowers delight us with their beauty, the birds are singing and we feel more alive. About allergies This season is one of my favorites but as many other people I have a small problem that can became …

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Athletic Greens Reviews

athletic greens review

These days, people are more and more tempted to ingest all kinds of natural supplements to improve their health. If they are natural they are also harmless, at least this is what people think. This is not always the case. This is the reason why in the following rows of this article I will talk about a so called miraculous …

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Is Sytropin What We Need?

sytropin review

The latest trend among young men and older men as well is to preserve their youth, strength and virility as much as possible. They want to be appealing for the opposite gender no matter their age. Usually, a man who is searching for such results should go to a gym, he should eat a proper diet and spend allot of …

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Alpha Levo – Products for Your Brain

Maintaining your brain’s health and abilities to function is something very important. No matter if you are ill of something that could decrease your neurological abilities or you just want to avoid that, you should help your organism somehow. About Alpha Levo No matter if you search online or if you go to a local store you can find so …

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CognIQ Reviews

Preserving our brain health is one thing that should interest us. More and young people start suffering of diseases that were usually encountered at elder people, such as Alzheimer or strokes. Stress factors in life The stressful lives we live each day affect us in a way of which we might not be aware of. If you also have a …

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Your Kid Should Clean After Himself?

your kid should clean after himself

Parenting is maybe one of the most difficult tasks. Once we become parents, we develop in a very sudden manner certain skills that amaze us. Our lives change, our priorities change and also our behavior and way of thinking. Having children A kid is a great responsibility and most parents try helping their children to survive in this world and …

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Is Slimfy a scam?

slimfy reviews

When you realize that you have gained a little bit too much weight, you might be tempted to search for a quick solution. Most people try all kinds of restrictive diets, some of them choose long and tiring sessions of body workouts and they expect to see the results overnight. When they see that things do not work this way …

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