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My name is Aura and I am a very active woman. I like being like that because I consider that I have many things to learn from this life. The main reason why I started to write, was to increase my income. In time I realized that this was not my real goal. I wanted to prove to me, that I have the ability to communicate through writing with people around the world. I like the idea of sharing my knowledge and experiences with other people even if sometimes they may not agree with me. This is maybe the most important thing in this job. You must allow other people to come with their own ideas backed up by solid arguments. Another thing, that made me fall in love with writing, was the fact that I can do, even if I do it in my spare time, something I really wanted to do my entire life. Expressing myself through writing gives me the freedom that I can' t find when I am at my daily workplace. With all these things being said, I hope you will find my articles interesting and useful.

Blinkist – Could Be What You Need

blinkist reviews

The technology these days offers us many opportunities. Its development should improve our lives and ease them somehow. The smartphone devices are like small computers that we carry along with us everywhere we go. We can use our personal email, we can listen to our favorite music, we can spend hours on Facebook or Instagram and we can read our …

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History of The Red Carpet

history of the red carpet

All of us are used with the red carpet when some big event happens. When you are talking about an important festival or a gala everyone is waiting for actors, singers or directors to show up on the red carpet and show off their outfits, jewelries and hairstyles. No matter if we are there and see with our own eyes …

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The Beauty of San Francisco

the beauty of san francisco

I do not know how many of you went to San Francisco. This is a destination where you can travel for both pleasure and business as well. In the following rows of this article, I will talk about the places you must visit in San Francisco. You will also be able read a little bit about the history of this …

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Get Rid of Hangovers

get rid of hangovers

When you go to a party or to a small gathering after work, alcoholic beverages might be included. People have the tendency to drink alcohol in order to relax and feel free to be themselves. All of us did it. Some of us know when it is time to stop but others might exaggerate a bit. At least once in …

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Valentine’s Day – How Can You Not Gain Weight?

valentines day how can not gain weight

One of the days that every couple waits and even the single persons appreciate and expect is Valentine’s Day. It is a day when people show their love and appreciation for each other. It is a celebration adopted in many corners of this world even if in the past this day was not as popular as it is today. Every …

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The Hotel Booking Websites Will Finally Bring a Change

hotel-booking websites bring a change

When you plan to go in a holiday the easiest way to search for the best location and accommodations is online, instead of searching the websites of each hotel people seem to choose to access the hotel booking websites. Why is this easier? The answer is quite simple. On these websites you can find more options from which you can …

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The Side Effects of Poor Quality Sleep

side effects poor quality sleep

When you want to preserve your health, you know that you have to maintain a healthy life style. People are mainly thinking about their nutrition when they want to live a healthier lifestyle, but this is not everything. There are other things that should be changed when your intentions are to live longer and keep yourself from illnesses of all …

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Zuckerberg and Facebook through his sister’ eyes

zuckerberg and facebook

If you think about social networks, the main thing that comes in your mind is Facebook. What the world could be without it? These days every person has a personal account on this social network. During the years there were many controversies about it and about its creator. There were movies made about it, there were news of all kinds, …

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The discrimination based on gender in South Korea

discrimination based on gender south korea

Since the oldest times, women had to face certain difficulties in their lives. They were never seen as equals to men. The peoples’ mentality did not change that much even if there were made tremendous efforts to prove that women can do all the things that a man can do. A woman was always seen as the person who must …

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Who is Michel Comte?

who is michel comte

Many celebrities are seen as untouchable people. Many of us do not consider them to be as we are. They are different in every way. This is one of the reasons why they become models for us. Everyone wants to dress like them, look like them and have all the things that they have. Some people love them and others …

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