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I would define myself as an experience journalist and an interactive copywriter with an extra interest in scriptwriting, copywriting, branding, proofreading.etc... In the last 8 years of my life I have been covering news related to health care department, by doing this in a way I have developed a soft spot for subjects about Health & Well-being, Weight Loss & Fashion, Industry Trends. I have worked very closely with affiliates publications to the Indian Express Group like Express Pharma and Express Biotech, where I have assisted the editor to perform different editorial tasks including special issues, editing, pagination, proofreading texts...

6 Reasons to Call in Sick to Work


No one likes it when they’re sick, obviously. But what everyone hates is to feel sick and having to go to work in the same time. We know that we can’t be healthy forever and that sometimes, sickness pops up and destroy the natural course of things. When we are sick and feel badly, we lack the will and courage …

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Fortify Your Memory with a Brain Supplement


Memory is a powerful tool and we rely on it to keep up with life events, people we meet, things that we have to remember – either if it’s a doctor’s appointment or a book for an exam – and everything else that happens to us. Every little detail that we see, every sound that we hear, everything that we …

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Why Use an Anti Aging Cream


Getting old is the worst nightmare for a woman Of course that we want to live and be young forever and we wish that time flows a little bit slower over us and our body, but unfortunately, we don’t get to have a say in all of these, because this is how the world works. Yet, there are a few …

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How to Make a Personal Weight Loss Program


What would you change to yourself? Many of us, especially if we’re women, would say in a heartbeat: my body. The critical eye of a woman will never be fully satisfied with the way she looks. No matter how puffy or skinny she is, she will always want to have: a nice pair of longer legs, a rounder butt, more …

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8 Healthy Reasons to Say YES to Wild Salmon


Healthy Benefits of Wild Salmon How often do you eat wild salmon? Did you know how many benefits can wild salmon bring for your health if you incorporate it in your daily diet? Or at least try to eat it every once in a while, because we can guarantee that it brings a lot of necessary benefits for you and …

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7 Nuts You Should Eat


Healthy diets are on everybody’s list when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle and taking care of our health, so we begin to look for all sorts of healthy foods that we should introduce them in our diets. Either we choose them because they are tasty, flexible when eaten and can be combined with a lot of other foods, …

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Could Air Pollution Increase Anxiety?


Air pollution is a serious thing, especially if it’s about our health that we are talking about. Unfortunately, we live in a society where air pollution is something normal and happens on a regular basis, from cars that speed on the streets to the heavy industry that pollutes the air with tons of chemical substances. Despite the fact that we …

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FDA Grants Priority Review To Constipation Drug


The company named Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. had a 10% increase in shares after a very important event: the US health institutions shared the news that they will expedite their review for the Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s petition that was made with the purpose of spreading wider the use of their constipation drug called Amitiza. Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. have developed the constipation …

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How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally?


Balanced diet and sport are essential if we want to eliminate the appearance of cellulite. The good thing is that we have some secret weapons that can help fight cellulite and you can use every day, without too much effort. Hydrate yourself daily You’re always hearing that water is very important for the health of our body and if you …

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Effective Tips for Weight Loss

Effective Tips for Weight Loss

Weight loss – Two word that give women the creeps – either of pleasure or of pain. Each and every single one of us is dreaming of having that perfectly slim body, flat abdomen, a killer-looking ass and long beautiful legs, but unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t that sweet and giver to some of us. So what can we do in order …

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