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I am a young woman, a mother of two beautiful kids, and I am passionate about reading and writing. I am a flexible writer, with huge experience on topics related to health, babies and kids, lifestyle, fashion, IT&Tech, relationships, and world's mysteries. Armed with my articles as weapons against wrongness, I hope to help people living a better and healthier life, and I'll always be a militant for justice, trying to teach people about what is good and what is wrong.

Best Veggies for Eyes Health

veggies for eyes health

More than 70% of subjects interviewed in the United States National Eye Health Education Program said that loss of vision would have the biggest impact on their daily activities. In addition, as chronic disease rates such as diabetes increased, along with the premature aging of the population, specialists estimate that the rate of blindness or partial vision impairment will double …

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Hair Loss and Balding: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Everybody faces hair loss, and that’s a fact. In fact, it’s a normal process to lose between 50 and 100 yarns a day. If you lose more than that, it really means that you are confronted with the problem of hair loss. Learn more about the causes of hair loss, diagnostics, or how you can combat this problem. Hair loss …

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Dads Brains React Differently to Sons and Daughters

Dads talk differently to their daughters in comparison to the way they talk to their sons. What an interesting and unexpected statement, isn’t it? It is correct to say that dads’ brains react differently to sons and daughters. Let’s see how is that possible. The authors of a study in this regard have strictly focused on the fathers. They recorded …

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PocketGuardian App Reviews – Is it Scam or Legit?

PocketGuardian App is an iOS and Android application designed to translate the SMS content and social networks chats’ content on the smartphones it has been installed on. It is useful for parent who want to keep their kids safe from sexual harassers or bullying. How does PocketGuardian App work? The app uses advanced algorithms to read the content of the …

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How Alcohol & Gut Fungus Team Up to Damage Your Liver

Candida is one of the most common gastrointestinal infections and arises from excess proliferation of a fungus like a ferment, called Candida Albicans, whose name means ‘innocent and white’. Candida is also known as the gut fungus. Gut fungus is a big problem if not treated properly, but next you’ll learn how alcohol and gut fungus team up to damage …

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5 Skin Cancer Symptoms You Can’t See

In most cases (99 out of 100 cases), skin cancer is visible on the body surface, either through abnormal moles and itching, or through spots or lesions. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and in some cases skin cancer is not visible. These symptoms, depending on the location, can cause other types of inconvenience, such as pain in different …

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10 Surprising Benefits of Sex

Beyond being one of the most enjoyable couple activities, sex brings amazing benefits, both individually, and to the couples. If you want to know some more reasons to make sex, I will reveal you the 10 surprising benefits of sex, which will most probably really surprise you. You probably know that sex relaxes the body, it helps the communication in …

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Travel insurance – The lowdown

Have you ever asked yourself what happens if you have a medical emergency during holiday in a foreign country? The experiences of others who have been injured and needed hospitalization in Western Europe tell us that we have to pay tens of thousands of dollars if having such a bad luck to get injured or ill. Not to mention about …

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Best Tips for Healthy Eating

Healthy eating does not mean strict nutrition, maintaining a thin silhouette or depriving your favorite foods. A general state of well-being, more energy, stabilizing spirits, and maintaining the health of the body – all these things are possible with a proper diet for each person. You can learn how to expand your range of healthy foods and get to know …

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SmartLivingCompany.com Review – Scam or Legit?

Work from home! Who wouldn’t enjoy that? It is possible to work from home? Of course it is, and many people are doing it already. There are freelancers in any possible domain (especially in online area), customer care assistants that work from home, affiliate marketers, bloggers, vloggers, site administrators, and the list could go on. But what about working from …

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