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I am a young woman, a mother of two beautiful kids, and I am passionate about reading and writing. I am a flexible writer, with huge experience on topics related to health, babies and kids, lifestyle, fashion, IT&Tech, relationships, and world's mysteries. Armed with my articles as weapons against wrongness, I hope to help people living a better and healthier life, and I'll always be a militant for justice, trying to teach people about what is good and what is wrong.

How to Complain about School or University?

School and university are parts of the educational system, having a huge involvement in the development of people. School is covering all the important educational details from learning how to write and read to accumulating important knowledge on different subjects and developing the general knowledge. University is one of the final steps of the educational system, and it is created …

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Summer Time Cash Loans Reviews | Real or Scam?

Payday loans won ground in recent years because they are offering fast loans with a minimum of documents. Summer Time Cash Loans is an intermediary between payday and long-term loaners and the site’s visitors, boasting that less than 24 hours it will be necessary for a loan to be accepted. Is Summer Time Cash Loans real or scam? What is …

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Parathyroid Glands: Facts, Function & Disease

Parathyroids are endocrine glands to balance calcium and phosphorus. Typically, they are four and are grouped in pairs: upper and lower parathyroids. All four glands are positioned behind the thyroid gland. Parathyroid Glands – Facts A parathyroid gland has a shape of ovoid and very small dimensions: 5 mm long, 4 mm wide and only 1 mm tall. Together, they …

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Fast Food and Children’s Health

I know that this is a very much discussed topic lately and I know that I will not tell you new things or new big discoveries about fast food, but the idea that made me write this article is that although we all know that fast food does not do us any good, and that it hurts our health, we …

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Why Sleep is Important for People at Risk for Heart Disease

Sleep is essential for the proper functioning and longevity of our body. It is not only made to pass the time faster during the night, but it is a true barometer of body health. Why sleep is so important for people at risk for hear disease? What’s the sleep role? For the brain, sleep is just as necessary as the …

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Dreams and Brain Disease: REM Sleep Cells Linked to Disorders

The sleep is a reversible physiological state. We sleep about one-third of our lives. Sleep has the function of restoring the body. We need about 8 hours of daily sleep in order to recharge our body’s batteries. Less sleep or more is associated with obesity, diabetes, or other illnesses. Scientists have looked for answers to questions such as what are …

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Ovaries: Facts, Function & Disease

The ovary, or the females’ sex gland, is a pair organ, with a double secretory function, external and internal. Thus, it is the organ of the ovule and, at the same time, the endocrine gland, which, through the hormones produced (estrogen and progesterone), determines the secondary sexual characteristics and plays a special role in the realization of the female constitutional …

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Which is the best probiotic and where to buy?

Many nutritionists and physicians consider probiotics to be at the limit between nutritional supplements and medication, and most recommend them not only to relieve symptoms that result from antibiotic treatments, but also to maintain normal health and proper bowel transit. Such a product will contain many types of beneficial bacteria for the human body that will control other harmful bacteria …

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What you need to know about E-cigarettes

The use of electronic cigarettes has skyrocketed in recent years. Especially since the law that prohibited smoking in public places came into force. This law made many smokers consider the possibility of quitting their bad smoking habit. Many of them saw in the electronic cigarette the support they needed to try it. As a result of this new trend, in …

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