My name is Ionela and since childhood, I have been a lover of beauty. I like to be inspired by music, books, nature, poetry, visual arts and to offer them my own vision, often materialized on paper.
I consider a significant gain the opportunity to take part in any kind of project that gives you the possibility of free expression and considers your point of view a priority.
Sending a vision, an opinion or, a piece of advice is all the more appreciated by other readers as it comes bundled with your personal experiences. For me, the word represents the most intense form of externalization of feelings, being incomparable by any other means of transmission so far.

revitive review

Revitive Review

About Revitive The company's system appeared in 2003 when several specialists in the medical field and not only collaborated laying...

Telogenesis review

Telogenesis Review

About Telogenesis Telogenesis is an organic dietary supplement designed to improve brain function. It can also increase strength and treat...

best ear muffs for winter

Best Ear Muffs for Winter

180s Fleece Behind-the-Head Ear Muffs The patented design of these ear muffs fits perfectly. With a comfortable plush lining and...

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