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I'm a Fashion Designer with a Master's degree in Cultural Studies. My passions have always revolved around creativity with designing, photography and writing. My desire to write was born from my love of reading, and even though my profession is already in a creative field, I still find the need to turn ideas into written words. Most of my inspiration comes from traveling and living abroad, observing and learning about cultures and behaviors is how I get the motivation to write and tell stories.

Discover Private Student Loans Reviews

Discover Bank is well-known and established, their credit cards are popular around the United States. Now, they began offering Private Student Loans to help students pay off their education, ranging from Undergraduate Loan to Bar Exam Loan, Discover Private Student Loans has become one of the most popular private student loan lender out there. The cost of education has only …

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Living Green SupremeFood Reviews

If you’re looking for a way to boost your health, Living Green SupremeFood might be the right choice for you. Living Green SupremeFood is a phytonutrient powder manufactured by Divine Health and Dr. Colbert in order to help detoxify the body. What is Living Green SupremeFood? In addition, this green drink strengthens the immune system, aids in digestion, helps with …

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TunnelBear VPN Service Reviews

TunnelBear is a Canadian company that offers a secure and user friendly VPN service. They have over 1,000 servers working in 20 different locations and can be compared to some of the top VPN servers available at the moment. TunnelBear provides a high quality, safe service while still being extremely affordable. Its biggest differentiation from other VPN servers is that …

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Tenzo Tea Review

There’s alot of buzz around the matcha drink at the moment, this green drink is debunking coffee in a rather quick motion. Tenzo Tea offers high quality matcha tea made exclusively from green tea leaves and nothing else. Tenzo Tea prioritizes quality over quantity, they source their one ingredient from where you can find the best green tea in the …

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Lunexia Sleep Aid Reviews

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Lunexia Sleep Aid offers a solution to sleepless nights. It is a supplement made of completely natural ingredients that promises to put a stop to insomnia or light sleeping and help consumers to achieve the best sleep of their lives. Lunexia strives to promote a healthy alternative to sleep medication, which can have harmful side effects, offering a product that …

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Turmeric + Forskolin Weight Loss Reviews

Turmeric + Forskolin is a natural dietary supplement that promises to aid in weight loss by suppressing appetite and burning fat. Through combining two of the most popular ingredients in the industry, this supplement could be the help you’ve been looking for. It is estimated that around 160 million Americans struggle with obesity nowadays. Being overweight can seriously impact someone’s …

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Pure Turmeric Curcumin for Weight loss

The golden spice called Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy to aid in a number of conditions. Native to Asia and extremely popular in India, turmeric’s medicinal properties are what make this spice indispensable in so many different cultures. Although in the west turmeric is not often found in domestic kitchens, its properties and …

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Phen375 Reviews

Choosing the perfect weight-loss supplement to help in your journey of shedding some extra weight can be an overwhelming task. There is a wide variety of similar products, promising similar results available today. Finding the right one for your weight-loss goals and lifestyle can take some time. If you’re looking for a supplement that falls on the natural side of …

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Foods that Increase Breast Size

Breast size is not exactly a choice, it is mostly determined by genetic predisposition, hormone levels and weight/body mass. Women will generally develop their breasts during puberty and will experience little change once they are fully developed or matured. Changing a woman’s breast size is a rather difficult task, it often involves plastic surgery for breast augmentation or breast reduction. …

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Flexwell Joint Repair Pain Relief Reviews

Flexwell Joint Repair Pain Relief dietary supplement is an alternative remedy that promises to relieve joint pain in a short amount of time, giving back to its users the mobility that was once lost. How the supplement does that is through its natural and safe formula that should work as a replacement for painkillers, giving consumers a pain-free life. Joint …

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