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I like to write. It's a thing that relaxes me very much and frees me from all the tensions. When I write I can say I feel more comfortable with myself. I love small, simple words with great impact. I have graduated the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I like languages and I am developing my language skills. I like to help people and I think writing is the best "helping hand" for people, and I think online writing has helped me achieve this goal. I have experience in translations and writing articles.

Choosing a Wedding Dress – An Unforgettable Experience

choosing wedding dress

Since childhood we dream with our eyes open when we walk to the altar – where the loved one waits to say YES for life. We were imagining how the decor would look, who will be present, and, of course, what the dress will look like for the most beautiful day in our lives. How to choose the wedding dress? …

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How Healthy Are the Colored Contact Lenses

how-healthy colored contact lens

We all know it’s fun to change the color of your eyes from brown to a more interesting hue or amethyst, but you certainly do not want this to affect your eyes. The colored contact lenses used for cosmetic purposes, to improve and change your look into a glamorous one. How to chose the contact lens? The colored contact lenses …

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Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

tricks lose weight fast

Weight loss is guaranteed to those who invest in an effective weight loss program and to the needs of everyone. The most recommended weight loss programs include a balanced diet, based on natural foods and a workout appropriate to daily activity. For the best results achieved in a relatively short time, the help of a personal trainer with experience in …

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Signs That You Will Have Stretch Marks After Birth

As pregnancy progresses, you think you will soon be able to keep your baby in your arms, but you cannot help worrying about stretch marks and postpartum. Here are the following signs that can tell you that you will stay with stretchers after birth. About stretch marks in pregnancy Many future moms notice a series of pink or red lines …

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Dangerous Ingredients in the Cosmetics Industry

Each substance has a precise role in a cosmetic product: either gives it a soft texture to the touch and easy to apply, either gives it stability in the state of cream or gel and does not let the finished product gather, clump, or absorb the moisture of the environment (if it is a powder), or give the cosmetic product …

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The Ideal Drink is Mineral Water

ideal drink mineral water

Natural mineral water is characterized by its original purity and its perfectly stable mineral composition. It is the only water that can benefit from health-friendly properties. Of underground origin, natural mineral water comes from a single source that is sheltered from any kind of pollution. It is captured from deep depths and does not go under any disinfection treatment, so …

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Facts about Peanut Butter

facts about peanut butter

Even if it is high in calories, peanut butter is a healthy food. Generally, unrefined peanut butter is healthier because it keeps more of the beneficial nutrients of peanuts. In addition, processed peanut butter may contain fatty acid additions (which have been shown to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease). Another risk is incorrect preservation, and peanut butter could develop …

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Wooden Toys – Benefits for Young Children

wooden toys benefits for children

Although in most children’s homes, plastic toys are dominant (a reflection of the modern plastic-governed society), wooden toys are gaining more and more fans in our country. In the Nordic countries, wooden toys are very popular and appreciated for many years. Here are the benefits children have if they develop their imagination and sensory sensation with wooden toys, but also …

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Garlic Benefits on Empty Stomach

garlic benefits empty stomach

Garlic is one of the most appreciated spices and has many health benefits, especially if it is consumed on an empty stomach. A series of studies show that garlic prevents many diseases, being considered a natural antibiotic. Consumed on empty stomach, garlic is an ally of hope against bacteria found in the stomach, fighting diarrhea, stimulating digestion and appetite. Garlic …

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