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I like to write. It's a thing that relaxes me very much and frees me from all the tensions. When I write I can say I feel more comfortable with myself. I love small, simple words with great impact. I have graduated the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I like languages and I am developing my language skills. I like to help people and I think writing is the best "helping hand" for people, and I think online writing has helped me achieve this goal. I have experience in translations and writing articles.

Dangerous Beautify Habits

dangerous beautify habits

You would be surprised to find out how many dangerous beautify habits there are. You are not alone. Improve your routine I was in the same situation, and I figured out what I could do differently to keep my look without giving up my daily routine of embellishment. It looks like there are some dangerous embarrassing habits that you should …

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20 Tips for a Flat Belly

tips flat belly

Steps to follow for a flat abdomen Surely you want to look great, no doubt. Do not let generous tummy ruin your plans, image and good mood. There’s time to get rid of it! A dress that follows the body line is a piece of resistance, but not everyone can boast an abdomen. Silhouette is not a problem for all …

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About Coconut Oil

about coconut oil

Coconut oil is the super-food of the 21st century and no one can deny its benefits to health. It is a particularly nutritious ingredient in the vegetarian and raw-vegan diet. Being a non-allergenic oil, it can also be eaten by children even at an early age. Moreover, it has multiple uses as a base in cosmetics, recipes prepared at home …

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Four Diseases Healed by Cannabis Oil

diseases healed cannabis oil

If you are a modern woman, aware of all the health news, you have certainly heard about the wonderful substance called cannabis oil. In recent years, it has been the subject of numerous studies by some of the world’s most prestigious medical institutions that have revealed its miraculous properties in healing or relieving the symptoms of various diseases or conditions. …

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10 Steps to a Successful Business Plan

Doing business is an art. To master it, requires initiative, organization, determination and passion. If you want your business to be successful, the first decisive step is to draw up an effective business plan. The business plan Planning the business is done by drawing up a business plan. More exactly, the document built to determine the path of an enterprise …

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Cosmetics in an Ideal Quantity

cosmetics ideal quantity

We tend to use cosmetics in large quantities in the hope that we will bring more nutrients to our hair or skin. The daily beauty ritual is not enough, using products in the right quantities is just as important. Obviously, this does not require weighing, things are not so complicated. It is very easy to remember what is the correct …

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Choosing a Wedding Dress – An Unforgettable Experience

choosing wedding dress

Since childhood we dream with our eyes open when we walk to the altar – where the loved one waits to say YES for life. We were imagining how the decor would look, who will be present, and, of course, what the dress will look like for the most beautiful day in our lives. How to choose the wedding dress? …

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How Healthy Are the Colored Contact Lenses

how-healthy colored contact lens

We all know it’s fun to change the color of your eyes from brown to a more interesting hue or amethyst, but you certainly do not want this to affect your eyes. The colored contact lenses used for cosmetic purposes, to improve and change your look into a glamorous one. How to chose the contact lens? The colored contact lenses …

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Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

tricks lose weight fast

Weight loss is guaranteed to those who invest in an effective weight loss program and to the needs of everyone. The most recommended weight loss programs include a balanced diet, based on natural foods and a workout appropriate to daily activity. For the best results achieved in a relatively short time, the help of a personal trainer with experience in …

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Signs That You Will Have Stretch Marks After Birth

As pregnancy progresses, you think you will soon be able to keep your baby in your arms, but you cannot help worrying about stretch marks and postpartum. Here are the following signs that can tell you that you will stay with stretchers after birth. About stretch marks in pregnancy Many future moms notice a series of pink or red lines …

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