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My experience in content writing covers almost 7 years and over 2,500 published articles and my thirst for reaching people through crafting posts and articles is the engine that ignites my passion for writing even more. I am eager to learn new things. Keeping an open mind and feeding it with new knowledge is what helps me stay in great intellectual shape. Writing is, thus, a lifestyle. A way of giving shape to my ideas and passion, learning more, building bridges and bringing people together. The articles written so far have approached topics related to Health and Lifestyle, Technology, Products and Services, Gadget/App Reviews, Weight Loss and Nutrition, Self-Help, Marketing, and How-Tos. I have a BA in Foreign Languages and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and I’m interested in extending my fields of interest, therefore I am currently studying Content Management, Graphic Design and Nutrition. I hope you will enjoy my posts and find the information you need with ease. Happy reading!

Blue Apron – The Easy Way To Cook

Description: Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that will get you the ingredients and recipes you need to cook new dishes right at your door. One of the cool things about having so much information at our disposal – thanks to the ever-developing technology – is that we can develop all sorts of skills and get tips and information …

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BrainHQ – Does It Truly Work?

Description: BrainHQ is an online brain training program that claims to help its users develop specific cognitive functions and improve the way their brain works through a number of games and challenges. Talking about the benefits of today’s technology would take a great deal of space and we won’t focus on that today. However, we’ll try to dive deeper into …

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Go Math! Academy

Go Math! Academy – The Learning Tool For Your Kid? Description: Go Math! Academy is a home learning program created to help children and students develop and improve math skills, learn new things, and even move beyond their grade level. If you’re a parent always looking for new learning opportunities for your kids,  in need of help with homework or …

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RubikLoan Reviews

RubikLoan.com – A Safe Way To Get The Loan You Need? Description: Rubikloan.com is a loan matching website that connects people in need of a loan with a large number of private lenders that can accept and transfer the requested amounts in just a day. The reasons why people need and get loans are various and that’s not the topic …

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Coursera – Features, Pricing, Rating

Description: Coursera is a learning website offering people from all over the world the possibility to develop new skills and extend their knowledge from the comfort of their home. With an ever-growing and developing technology, we now get to enjoy many activities and things from the very comfort of our home. From online shopping to watching the latest movies and …

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LegalShield – Pros And Cons

Description: With an experience of more than 40 years, LegalShield is a company that provides various prepaid legal services by using third party-law firms. Many people resort to attorneys and legal services to solve their various problems at least once in their life. Finding quality legal services at affordable prices might be quite a challenge. We all know how expensive …

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Amway – Pros And Cons

Finding great products for one’s various needs might be quite of a challenge with all the offers and manufacturers out there. There are companies that have worked hard to earn a top position through quality products and fairly tailored prices. If you browse a lot when it comes to shopping nutrition products, beauty care, home items, jewelry, and other similar …

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Qmee – Features, Pricing, Rating

We live in the Internet era but that’s no news. The will to earn more and take advantage of the online money-making opportunities is nothing new under the sun either. Yet, the way you can do that can be new or different than what you knew till now. Developers come up with all sorts of methods that help people earn …

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Find-Bride.com – True Relationships Or Scam?

Description: Find-bride.com is a dating website offering men from all over the world the possibility to meet single beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls. Approaching and covering the topic of romantic relationships take lots of space, time, and involve many things that can be said. There are various angles and viewpoints from which we can talk about relationships. We will limit …

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