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Bad Habits That Lead To Worse Memory Loss

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Smoking, consuming sweets in excess, alcohol abuse, inadequate rest, or sleep with the head covered are are just a few of the bad habits that lead to worse memory loss. These bad habits are dramatically affecting the brain, as they can lead to the destruction of brain cells and even to various serious conditions, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

Brain cells are the most important living cells of the human body. Unlike other cells in the body, when a brain cell dies, it does not have the ability to regenerate. However, the production of new neurons is a continuous process which is regulated by the hippocampus but any of the bad habits that lead to worse memory loss also affects the proper functioning of the hippocampus slowing down the production of new neurons.

It is so very important to take good care of our brains, where most metabolic processes occur.

Habits that affect memory

Next, I’ll present you the most harmful bad habits that will not only affect your memory but will also put at risk for Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson, or other degenerative diseases.

You do not eat breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, when the body has the chance to increase blood glucose levels after more than 10 hours when it has not received any food. Glucose is essential for energy and vitality.

Also, glucose is very important for the proper functioning of the brain. People who skip this important meal of the day are experiencing low blood sugar and thus less energy to carry out daily tasks.

Over time, the deficiency of nutrients offered to the body leads to degeneration of brain cells.


The brain works in close contact with the stomach. If digestive organs face weakness, depression, or congestion caused by certain eating disorders, they send a signal to the brain.

In turn, the brain conveys to the digestive organs the message that it is time to eat. But when we eat in excess, the energy produced by the brain cells enters a quench phase. This phenomenon strengthens the cerebral arteries, and the brain is faulty.


Did you know that a single cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals, among which over 50 have carcinogenic effects.

Toxins in the cigarette lead to many health problems, including heart attacks or cerebral attacks but also leads to memory loss.

Smoking leads to stroke because it blocks the carotid artery that feeds the brain with blood. Smoking also leads to the atrophy of the brain and to many mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s.

Consume sweets in excess

As I’ve already mentioned, the glucose is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and for the energy of the whole organism.

It should be consumed in moderation, though.

Too much sugar in the blood leads to the release of adrenal hormones that increase blood sugar. Increased glycaemia prevents the absorption of proteins and nutrients, which leads to malnutrition and interferes with the proper development and functioning of the brain.

Inadequate rest

Sleep is necessary to revive the cells of the human body, especially brain cells. Long-term restlessness results in poor functioning of neurons, diminishing mental performance, and accelerating the destruction of brain cells.

People who do not rest enough become resistant to insulin, which is a risk factor for diabetes and hypertension. These conditions can affect the brain in a dramatic way.

You sleep with your pillow on your head  (sleeping with the head covered)

When you sleep with your head covered or with the pillow in the head, the carbon dioxide concentration in the brain area increases. This leads to a decrease in the oxygen concentration that affects the brain and how it works.

Alcohol abuse

Alcohol can destroy all organs, especially the nervous system, the liver, and the heart. It affects the chemical reactions that occur in the brain, destroys neurons, and reduces the rate of transmission of nerve impulses, thus leading to memory loss.

Is already a well-know fact that drinking alcohol with moderation is beneficial but there are people who abuse of alcohol. Also, it is well-known that drinking alcohol every day can lead to alcohol addiction, even in moderate quantities.

On the other hand, when drinking alcohol in excess, even occasionally, brain cells are damaging even more than when drinking moderately, daily.

Many occasional alcohol abusers are facing the so-called blackout which is the impossibility to clearly remember what you’ve done. This is a proof that the ingested toxicity that alcohol is, was too much for the body to deal with and that the brain was not anymore able to retain new things and facts.

Letting stress untreated.

Stress produces a series of reactions in the nervous system, reduces mental capacity and increases the risk of stroke.

Also, it has been proven that stress can affect memory by increasing the effect of incapacity of the brain to make connections.

Brain overuse when you are sick

It is not advisable to work or study too much when you are sick because the body channels its energy for healing.

Overloading the brain functions at such times can reduce the body’s effectiveness and lead to weakening the immune system, making you vulnerable to other diseases.

Also, when you’re sick the brain’s functions are limited and focus on healing, therefore overusing your brain when you are sick it will most likely lead to brain cells damaging which is one of the main causes for memory loss.

Lack of exercises and mental stimulation

Nothing is better than thinking, intelligent conversation, reading, or solving cross words to stimulate the brain. These activities enhance learning, memory and reaction to stimuli.

Also, physical activity and Yoga practicing have been proven as some very effective ways to improve brain’s function and to stimulate memory.


Bad habits that lead to worse memory loss, such as smoking, inadequate rest, overeating, alcohol abuse, or even the lack of mental stimulation, are also some of the most dangerous risk factors for degenerative diseases. Therefore, next time when you are just about to drink alcohol in excess, consume sweets in excess, or overeat, you should reconsider and do all with moderation while respecting the main meals of the day, especially breakfast, and having long and restful night sleep.

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