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The BAFTA awards 2019

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BAFTA awards 2019

The amazing actresses Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz accomplished more than just a great job. They got inside their characters and performed wonderfully. Due to this fact all of them received a nomination for a BAFTA trophy.
The “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “A Star is Born” and “Roma” received an equal number of nominees, namely 7 and they are followed closely by the film “Vice” with 6 nominees. “Marry Poppins Returns” was not forgotten and it received three nominees. This is a film on my “ought to watch” list.
When it comes about “A Star is Born” the main actors Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper might be awarded with the best actors’ trophy, but who knows who will be the BAFTA winner in the end. Bradley Cooper hopes to win the prize for the best movie director as well. This is a film that I have seen and I was quite impressed. I believe that it should win at least a trophy.

The main BAFTA categories

If you are wondering which are the main categories I will enumerate them for you. They are the followings: the best movie, the best British movie, the best scriptwriter debut, the best movie director debut, the best British producer debut, the best foreign movie, the best documentary, the best animation, the best director, the best original script, the best adapted script, the best female actor in a main role, the best male actor in a main role etc.

As in many other similar situations these film festivals create a great fuss. You cannot please everyone and there will always be people who will not agree with the jury’ opinions and decisions. This happened at the Golden Globes this year and I am sure that after the BAFTA trophies will be offered, same discussions will emerge.
In case you wonder when the nominees were made public, this thing happened in the January 9.
According with the list of movies nominated I made my own list of movies that I must see until February 10, in order of having an even more objective opinion. The only thing that I can agree with is that this year there were many great films released that should be seen by the public.

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The BAFTA awards 2019
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BAFTA is the short name for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The purpose of these awards is to offer the recognition to the British film contributions and to the International film contributions as well. At the beginning, in 1947, it was just the British Film Academy but later when they merged with the Society of Film and Television the name BAFTA was born. This happened in 1976. The main purpose of the Academy is to promote and add a contribution to the movie industry, by promoting and rewarding the best activities in this field.

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