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How to Become a Better Lover

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

How to Become a Better Lover

Being a good lover means knowing the gestures and positions specific to sexual intercourse that allow the partner to live an intense pleasure. This is how to become a better lover.

Tips for Him – Pleasure for her

  • Learn how to undress her – You must know that the clothes for women and those for men have many similarities, even if you do not believe that. More important, avoid rushing up with the whole undressing thing, at least in the beginning, if you are nervous. As the time passes, you will gain confidence in yourself. Undress her slowly as it is more intense.
  • Women count on the foreplay – You’ll be sure you will never be wrong if you’re starting with a foreplay. Usually, the women need more time to reach the same level of excitement as the men. That’s why the foreplay is meant to stimulate her erogenous zones such as neck, ears, hips, buttocks, inner thighs, ending with breasts and genitals.
  • Become an expert in cunnilingus – Most women are able to have more orgasms in this way. A woman will be more excited, anxious and prepared for penetration after a oral sex foreplay.
  • Be the dominant one in bed if your partner looks reserved, and try to dominate with affection, refinement and diplomacy, and then take initiative.
  • Let her ‘run the show’ – Other women prefer to dominate their partner (who generally love this) to get pleasure. Such women ‘run the show’ by giving orders, choosing sex positions, and so on. In reality, most couples work on the basis of the alternation of dominant/dominated, which vary depending on circumstances or the couple’s history.
  • Take care of yourself – Whether you choose for slip or for boxers (each category has its followers), wearing impeccable underwear, without holes or spots, with the elastic in perfect condition is ideal. As for socks, be careful to take them out systematically before honoring your beloved woman.

Tips for her – Pleasure for him

  • Discover and excite his erogenous areas – Genital organs are not the only erogenous areas of a man. The anal region, neck, ear, mouth, chest are also part of the areas whose excitement makes them pleasure. But each partner is different. Learn to know the partner’s erogenous areas, taking into account his reactions and the words he pronounces during sexual intercourse.
  • Be prepared for anything – Most men are very excited about the rich imagination of their partner. Suggest to make love in unusual places or in positions you do not have the habit of practicing. During sexual intercourse, your partner would love you to be bold, kinky, and horny, but to a certain point!
  • Practicing massage – A good, well-done massage allows a man who returns home late from work to fully relax. Muscle tension disappear, and the man is more willing to make love. In addition, massage stimulates sensuality and is especially suitable for men who have problems with erection.
  • Do striptease – Seeing his woman gracefully stripping awakens even the most sleepy lover! Slow gestures, hilarious movements of hips, buttocks and thighs, sliding clothes, gestures made with the head, cheekbones and mututites will guarantee for a successful sex.
  • Wears sexy lingerie – Drop the cotton blankets and start wearing silk panties and or lace lingerie, plus some fine stockings that you can use as handcuffs. The most appreciated colors are black, but also white and red are erotic. Keep beige, green, purple, and yellow sexy lingerie as reserves. Who knows? Maybe your man loves a more colorful lingerie. On short, a sexy lingerie is a great way to turn on your partner.

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How to Become a Better Lover
Being a good lover means knowing the gestures and positions specific to sexual intercourse that allow the partner to live an intense pleasure. This is how to become a better lover.
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