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How to Become Pregnant Fast Tips and Tricks

Aura S
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No matter what women might say, sometime in their lives they will want to become mothers. It is an unwritten law. It would be a shame not to at least try it, considering that we are the only ones who can bring life on this planet. This article is especially created for the ones who already want to become pregnant but they encounter certain problems in achieving their goal.

In case you are one of them, you will be more than pleased to find in the following rows some simple tips and tricks along with a few important advices, that will help you to complete your family. In case you do not have other health issues, these tips will be of a real help as long you do not transform them into an obsession.

Tips and Details

You should not worry from the beginning. Some women, when they decide to become pregnant the first thing they do is to request medical checkups so they can be sure that they can. This is not a too big mistake but it may increase the stress level. You will wait with an increased anxiety the tests’ results and you may not be able to think about something else.

If you are a young woman, the first thing you should do to get pregnant is to have sex. You may start questioning yourself when you do it regularly and after six months of activity, nothing seems to happen. Then you may want to make some researches. Maybe you are not doing it right or maybe your partner sperm does not have the qualities necessary to get you pregnant.

What ‘you don’t do it right’ may mean? It means that you do it after the ovulation already finished. The best time to conceive is before the ovulation and during it. Some women may not have regular menstruation. Because of that, it may be a bit more difficult to calculate your ovulation period. This does not mean that it is impossible. A gynecologist will teach you how to do it properly so you can obtain the results wanted. I will mention again that one of the biggest mistakes is to be too stressed about this issue. Your body, to be able to conceive, needs to be relaxed.

Because we are at the sex chapter, you should know what regularly sex means. Well you should practice this activity at least two times per week and when the ovulation approaches or is already present, you should do it every day. Sounds fun but it can also be exhausting especially if the only reason why you do it is to get pregnant. The ovulation can come when you at least expect it even if you have a regular menstruation, so your chances can increase if you make sex more often. You may wonder why you should make sex before the ovulation if the best time is during it.

Your eggs live for just 24 hours while the sperms can live for 3 to 4 days. So, if you have them inside of you just when your eggs are ready to receive, nothing can be better. Another important advice will be to choose the best sexual positions during your intercourse. You may help the sperms to reach the egg if you choose the right position. The woman on top is not a good option if your main purpose is to become pregnant.

When you decide to get pregnant, you must make some sacrifices as well. Giving up smoking, drinking or, who knows, drugs consumption is the main thing you should do. These vices are not harmful just when you are pregnant. They can affect your fertility quite much. If you want a baby, you do not want to be unfertile, do you.

You may be surprised to find out that your weight can influence your ability of getting pregnant. Studies showed that a woman with a normal weight has much more chances to become pregnant than a too thin or a too fat one. It seems that not only when you are pregnant you should pay attention to what you eat but also when you are trying to conceive. This is not important just because you want to have a normal weight, according with your height and age, but because if you eat something that can harm your health status, it can also cause a delay from reaching your purpose. The dairy products, fruits and proteins must be included in your everyday meals.

Beside food, you can also add a wide variety of vitamins, such as zinc, vitamin B6, A and E, vitamin C or D, the pantothenic acid, folic acid and potassium. You can also choose a detox diet. Considering that you already gave up smoking and drinking, a detox diet will only help you clean your body faster.


As you can see getting pregnant requires a lot of prepares. Some people prefer not to think about that and let faith decide for them. This is a healthy way of thinking because stress is no issue for these people. However, when you want desperately to have a baby you can try all the things enumerated above so you can make sure that you will accomplish your desires faster.

If you did not achieved to conceive, even if you consider all the things written above, and you try it for over a year with no results, then you should consider checking with a specialist so you can discover which your problems may be. If in the past the infertility problems could not be solved, these days, when medicine evolved and it is in a continuous evolution, you will find a good solution for you.

Having a baby is the biggest responsibility a person can take. He did not choose to come into this world. It was only your decision, so you should consider all the aspects of being a parent before deciding to bring a new life into this world.

With all these things being said, I hope this article will prove itself to be of a real help for you.

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