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Bermuda Triangle – Mystery or Not?

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bermuda triangle mistery

The Bermuda Triangle was considered one of the most dangerous places, in this “triangle” there have been many shipwrecks and airplane crashes.

The disappearances date back to 1945, on 5 December, when 5 planes disappeared during a military exercise, these planes were fully equipped and checked when they took off, but they never managed to get back. Not even the plane sent to look for them was found, their disappearance remaining a complete mystery.

Researchers say people exaggerate when it comes to the number of extinctions in the Bermuda Triangle, the number of these accidents do not exceed the number of accidents in other parts of the world, but here everything has been a mystery to this day.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle, as I said, is not a triangle itself, but is considered an imaginary region formed between Puerto Rico, the Bermuda Islands and Florida. This “triangle” is also called the Devil’s Triangle, the name being given due to paranormal activities in that area. The earliest notes of strange activities are from 1493, when Christopher Columbus made his first expeditions, he wrote in his diary that the needle of his compass went wild in that area. Due to the fact that in the Bermuda Triangle the compass shows the real north and not the magnetic one, many planes and ships are lost in that area and in the most unfortunate cases they disappear without being found.

Bermuda Triangle mysteries

Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki have researched this place; they wanted to unravel the mystery of Bermuda since 2001. During their research, they discovered an ancient city that was at the bottom of the ocean, this city is considered to be Atlantis. A plausible explanation for these extinctions is that there are often fast and unexpected storms in the Bermuda area, these storms  not being surprised by the satellite, but they can easily break down an airplane.

Another hypothesis that is supposed to solve this mystery is the theory of air gaps filled with methane gas positioned at  the bottom of the ocean. In the South of Kara Sea two air gaps were discovered at a depth of about 40 meters which could explode at any time. In the event of such an explosion, a void is created, both in the water and in the air, the ships horizontally drooping in the sea without the crew being able to do anything, the same can happen with the planes too, in the event of such an explosion, the planes would fall horizontally into the sea.

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Bermuda Triangle - Mystery or Not?
The Bermuda Triangle was considered one of the most dangerous places, in this "triangle" there have been many shipwrecks and airplane crashes.
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