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Bermuda Triangle – Mystery or Not?

Alex C
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When air gaps of methane gas break, the gas climb to the surface of the ocean and this causes the loss of buoyancy of the ships that are in the area, as with the airplanes, after the methane has come into the air, the force that keeps an airplane in the air disappears. In the past 500 years, the number of incidents in the Bermuda area ranges between 200 and 1000. Howard Rosenberg claims that in 1973, US coastguards responded to over 8,000 requests for aid received from the Bermuda area. In the last century, there were 50 vessels that sank and 20 planes that collapsed into the sea.

Theories of disappearance of these ships and planes are divided into several categories: Scientists, Prose writers and Skeptical Men.

  • Scientists support the hypothesis of the air gaps fillet with methane located at the bottom of the ocean, they can break violently at any time, causing an air gap
  • Prose writers think this phenomenon quite different from the scientists or skeptics, they claim that these accidents are caused by pirates, swirls to the fourth dimension and evil people with anti-gravity devices
  • Skeptical people rely on violent storms, bad luck, pirates and incompetent navigators.

Many theories have arisen over the years, paranormal powers, bizarre technologies, vortexes, weather conditions, pirates or even legends. But none of them is 100% close to the truth.

But others say there is absolutely no mystery in the middle, they assume that ships that “have disappeared” were not even in that area, they say that some of those boats never existed.

All these mysteries have arisen from the disappearance of the 5 military aircraft of 1945, which were sent to the Bermuda area for an exercise, these skeptics claim that there is not even a mystery to elucidate and that scientists’ explanations of releasing methane from the bottom of the sea are not concrete. After thorough research into these extinctions, it has been discovered that some mysteries are not so unusual, but just simple accidents.

Over the years, many researches have been done, many articles and books have been written about this subject, and even films related to the Bermuda Triangle and these paranormal events have appeared. In 1974, a book was written by Charles Berlitz about Bermuda‘s events. But it is not Berlitz who gave the name of this area, but Vincent Gaddis in “The Deadly Bermuda Triangle,” a magazine dedicated to fiction. So, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has become a mystery based on the media, they have forwarded the information provided by Charles Berlitz without documenting themselves before about these disappearances and the logical explanation for it.

As long as these theories exist, the Bermuda Triangle will remain a source of fascination and mystery. As I said, no one knows what happened in 1945 with the 5 military planes and the plane sent to look for them, any theory is plausible, since no one has come back to answer these questions about their disappearance, no one can say exactly which of these hypotheses are correct.


My opinion is that the hypothesis of methane-filled air gaps at the bottom of the ocean is much more plausible than the alien or pirates hypothesis. The same view I have about the strong storms produced in that area, is far more plausible than the hypothesis of a supernatural phenomenon.

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Bermuda Triangle - Mystery or Not?
The Bermuda Triangle was considered one of the most dangerous places, in this "triangle" there have been many shipwrecks and airplane crashes.
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