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Best 10 Reasons To Make Sex

Diane Luke
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Sexual life is an extremely important element for everyone’s self-esteem. That is why, many times, it can make the difference between health and illness. In this article you’ll learn why is sex important for health, as well as the 10 reasons to make sex.

‘If the individual feels fulfilled or satisfied in sexual life, then all his/her functional parameters will show this. He/She will feel more energetic, more lively, more willing to communicate, or engage in daily activities,’ says psychotherapists.

Making Sex is Healthy

Sex is a source of pleasure and, in addition, helps us keep fit. But besides these things, sexual activity still has other benefits. It stimulates our immunity, protects us from cardiovascular disease, and calms our headaches.

First of all, people who have frequent sex boost their immunity to frequent illnesses such as colds and flues, and this is because two or more sexual intercourse per week increases the level of antibodies by about a third.

Also, people who make love often have higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin, recognized for boosting the body’s abilities to fight viruses.

A second benefit of frequent sex is that it helps normal heart function, calorie burning, and toning muscles.

During intercourse, we burns on average four calories per minute and 300 calories per hour.

The movements done during sex intercourse activate almost all the muscles of the body, giving the heart and lungs a real aerobic-like effect.

According to a recent study, three ‘healthy’ sex intercourse per week have amazing effects on the ‘biological clock’, greatly reducing the risk of heart attack.

Moreover, in a study at the Royal Hospital, in Edinburgh, Scotland, there was noted a difference between the look of people who had few sex intercourse per week and the looks of people who had rare sex intercourse. Thus, a jury watched some volunteers and had to guess their age.

Those who looked seven to 12 years younger than their normal age had sex, on average, four times a week. Consequently, researchers have come to the conclusion that sex helps the body to stay young and makes the body more resistant to the aggression of environmentally harmful factors.

Reducing skin defects, eliminating the risk of eczema, and cleaning the pores are other beneficial effects of sex.

It is also good to know that sex increases the level of estrogen, which offers freshness and firmness to the skin.

10 Reasons to make Sex

  1. Health is a first factor that improves when sex is satisfactory. Thus, a whole set of phony disorders, headaches, or stomachaches may come to an end, because you have no reason now to tell your partner that do not want to make sex this night.
  2. Life as a Couple – It becomes more beautiful, the communication between the two grows, and the desire to show that you love each other express more easily through words or gestures. Just because you feel fulfilled, loved, and satisfied.
  3. Psychological balance – A person with a good sex life can feel fulfilled and balanced. Just because he/she feels that can give pleasure but also receives what he/she wants from a sexual perspective.
  4. The desire to communicate – This usually increases for couples who feel satisfied. Often, reproaches are on the order of the day, with or without reason, if the sex is not right.
  5. Engaging in activities – Sex offers energy, an energy of life, so it leads to harder capacity of work, and to the desire to achieve the goals you have set up.
  6. Sleep – It usually regulates, even if sex is at the expense of sleep. Dreams can become more beautiful, you can fall asleep with the smile on your lips, or feel the warmth of your loved ones hugs.
  7. Nutrition – Here you can find the main disorders experienced by a person who is not sexually satisfied. Therefore, if sex is satisfactory and frequent enough, the need to eat more vanishes, leading to a balanced diet.
  8. Hypochondria or somatization is diminishing, because they are no longer relevant. Stomachaches, headaches, dizziness, nervousness, lack of energy, all this will no longer appear.
  9. Career – The individual with a fulfilled sexual life has all the energy in the world, a better imagination, a better capacity to focus and work, and the motivation to fulfill all his dreams regarding the caereer.
  10. Relationships with friends are more pleasant, communication is flowing smoother, meetings are more beautiful, and that only because you do not feel the desire to load them with all the problems you have in bed.

‘A fulfilled sex life can remedy a whole range of psychological disorders if their source is also represented by sexual frustrations, such as behavioral disorders, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive eating, sleep disorders, anorgasmia, lack of erection, nervousness, low self-esteem, and the lack of desire to communicate,’ conclude the psychotherapists

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Best 10 Reasons To Make Sex
Sexual life is an extremely important element for everyone's self-esteem. That is why, many times, it can make the difference between health and illness. In this article you'll learn why is sex important for health, as well as the 10 reasons to make sex.
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