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The Best Alarm Clocks in 2019

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The need of an alarm clock

Well, as our life is a journey starting from school, jobs, and other responsibilities, waking up by a specific time is a mandatory thing sometimes. So indeed, many of us need an alarm clock to begin our day.

But, if we think about it for a little bit, is it helping us by doing us “a favor” or what is the role of an alarm clock anyway?

Alarm clocks could be described as a standard feature in most homes. We have been using such things before the actual clock was even invented.

The perfect alarm back in the day was only the sun; people waiting for it to rise and shine and finally wake up. Also, how about roosters?

Alarm clock short history

Well, thanks to the rise of the machines in the 18th century, we got another type of alarm clock, the whistling styled one. As funny as it sounds, it helped lots of people back in the day.

Some towns or companies, for example, had taken the alarm clock so seriously that they hired a person, dubbed “knocker-up” to go to people’s houses and to deliver some precise and stable wake up calls. But, approaching some current periods, we get our actual alarm clocks in 1870 as a fine and so supportive invention.

They were firstly placed on walls, and after some time, they found their “final” place next to people’s beds. Modern alarm clocks go on to progress, with everything from smartphone apps, light-based alarms to even some types of clocks that run across a place.

Let’s find out which alarm clocks impressed us in 2019 and which ones will remain top positioned in everybody’s wishing list.

Mesqool Projection alarm clock

This cool alarm clock allows you to check the time without even looking at it or try any other move. The device is not expensive at all and it displays the time onto any part of your room you want.

It projects at a 180-degree onto walls and ceiling. You can decrease its light so it won’t be a bother at night, as you like, anytime.

iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth color changing alarm clock

A fun way in which you can see the time. This home device has many color-changing setting and it also features a radio.

You can use as well the Bluetooth to stream any music you like and USB-charging capacity for your smartphone. It has two alarms, snooze, a smart cycle through colors, and microphone features to answer phone calls.

LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rising Children’s alarm clock

Keep your kids entertained even in their beds with a colorful device in the bedroom’s darkness. This device comes with one of the most innovative and friendly features.

From a nap timer, three training color modes, just the right illumination, night light, a snooze to three beautiful kid-friendly sound alarms. The alarm clock is a good tip to get your kids to sleep easily.

PureGuardian Ultrasonic Aromatherapy alarm clock

Such a device is entirely developed for the sleepiest people out there. It uses aromatherapy and looks like most pretentious things, but is an innovative feature. It has a calming light to gently wake you up like the prince/princess you are.

Also, you will be surprised when the device will release subtle aromatherapeutic steam once when the light turns on.

Instecho Pressure Sensitive alarm clock mat

This one right up here is a full proof of mats gone wild. Well, in a funny way, because the device is an excellent combination of unusual design and technology.

The clock is the best for those of us who can’t understand the snooze feature, or it just doesn’t work for us. The pressure-sensing alarm clock will succeed to wake you up immediately but will do the trick only if you’ll get out of bed.

The mat alarm clock needs to be connected to your computer via USB for other features such as music.


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The Best Alarm Clocks in 2019
Well, as our life is a journey starting from school, jobs, and other responsibilities, waking up by a specific time is a mandatory thing sometimes. So indeed, many of us need an alarm clock to begin our day.
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