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Best Dating Tips for Shy Guys

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People all over the world have a bit of shyness hidden inside them. Some of them might even lose opportunities because of this specific feature. It is maybe the most difficult thing to fight against this feeling. This is the reason why I will reveal for you, in the following rows of this article a few tips and tricks that will help shy guys, to handle a date or to obtain a date. Women can be quite intimidating even if they do not want that. Especially when you like a woman, you want to impress somehow so you can raise her interest. This can become the most difficult thing to do. If you are interested in this topic, you should continue your reading.

Why are men shy?

When it comes about women most of them are. However, there are men who are shyer than others are and sometimes they never overcome the best friends phase even if their intentions are others. I personally met men who are not even able to speak properly when they are around the woman they like. As you can imagine they can leave the wrong impression.

I will give you a hint. Women are just as shy as men are when they are around a men they like. They might not act in the same way but they are. We are all humans, we share the same feelings, and we may be inhibited by the same things. The difference is that when a woman is shy she can become even more attractive than a man can be.

Best dating tips for shy guys

When you are afraid to start a discussion with a woman that you might like, you must ask yourself a question. Aren’t you ashamed to talk with any stranger, no matter the gender of that person? If the answer is yes, and in most situations, it is, then you should start practicing your self-confidence.

Stop being that shy and try each day to begin a conversation with people that you barely know or you do not know at all. You will see that it is not so impossible. Even if you will address them just a few words or impressions, you will help yourself to open up and trust yourself better.

It will not be easy at all, especially if you are a shy person since as long you remember. This does not mean that you cannot change hat. Take small steps and you will reach your goal. If you will be able to communicate properly with strangers, you will certainly be able to speak with the woman that you like.

You might have heard about the body-language’ power. There is a multitude of books written on this topic. Not only words could help us communicate but also the way we move and our attitude when we speak. If you are a shy guy, and you know that most of the times you feel uncomfortable among people or during a conversation, then you should do something about it. It is very important how you keep your arms and legs when you talk with someone.

They can notice if you are open to a discussion or if you hide something just by watching them. You need to practice these gestures so you can show confidence through your body as well and not just trough your words. Also, your face mimic is just as important. You need to learn how to smile more. A smiley face will make your conversation partner to be more opened to all the things you have to say.

Even if you are shy, you must have friends. Those friends will be quite happy to help you overcome this shyness. You must spend more time with them. They will help you see things differently and by watching their attitude towards other people you will be able to learn from their experience. They can give free lessons on how to start a conversation with women or with any other person that you barely know.

If you finally decide to talk with the woman that you like you should give up. When you made the first steps all you have to do is go with the flow and see where it takes both of you. The words will come as a natural thing once the conversation starts. Women might like this attitude on men, namely the shy attitude, as long it is for real. There are men who know that women have a thing for shy guys and they might try to act this way even if they are not. Usually women do not fall for this cheap trick.

You know that you feel better when you do what you like. When you listen your favorite music, or you practice your favorite hobbies, you no longer feel shy because all these things bring you comfort. If a woman that you like will see you with these occasions, they will start seeing you in a completely different light. They will see the real you. This must be your goal. You will no longer have to start a conversation because she will do it for you especially if you share the same hobbies.


All these advices will help you in your everyday life and not only want to earn a woman’ heart. With all these things being said, you should start building your self-confidence gradually so you can enjoy the beauty of this life. You will no longer have that looser attitude who thinks too much before taking a decision.

If you have self- confidence, you will also allow yourself to take some risks. Be careful, however, not to fall on the other side. This means that you should not turn, from a shy guy, into a jerk. The line between these two types of men is quite thin and easy to cross. Your education plays a great role in this field and also your respect for other people no matter how these people might be.

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