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The Best Sex Toys for Couples

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Sex toys can be a delight for many couples, while others can consider sex toys to be a taboo topic. Many couples with an active sex life believe that the sex toys are an effective way to diversify their sex life and to spice their sex life.

Sex toys with remote control

Men always liked to have the control.

Why wouldn’t a man have the control for sex toys?

For these kind of men, the remote-controlled sex toys were invented.

But women also say they are delighted because they are surprised by the partner’s skills.

For even more spices in intimate life, try your dexterity in public, too.

The We-Vibe vibrator, one of the most wanted sexual toys

Declared the best sex toy of 2008, We-Vibe has improved, and We-Vibe II has even gotten into the gift bag for celebrities attending a party before the 2010 Oscar. In the form of the letter ‘C’, this vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris and the G spot, at the same time.

Can also be used together with your partner during prelude.

OhMiBod – the sound activated vibrator

On a similar principle as the We Vibe vibrator, the OhMiBod sex toy is the best seller, lately.

Even though it is widely used by adult webcam girls, it is in fact a very interesting sex toy that can be fun for couples.

It comes with a smartphone app, for both iOS, and Android, in which you can set the device to vibrate at sounds or when someone calls on your phone. You can wear it and set it up to vibrate when your husband calls, for example. Also, it can be set up to vibrate to a specific voice, like your hubby’s, or to a specific sound. Additionally, you can make it vibrate when listening to music, since the device will rhythmically vibrate according to the music.

You and your partner can have some outdoors fun, too, because this device is really small and fits perfectly under your panties, therefore your partner can tease you while you’re both going out for shopping or at a picnic.

On the other hand, is ideal when your beloved one is away for few days and you want to keep your sex fun at the regular level and to try new stuff. He can control the device via Internet, or by phone if you set it up this way, so you both can have a lot of fun while webcamming, or talking on the phone.

Lubricants, used together with sex toys

True, the lubricant is not a sex toy but it is used together with the sex toys. And many couples use it to make it slip easier, even when they do not use sex toys.

For a maximum enjoyment, you can try hot, cold, or tingling lubricants.

The penis ring

Another sex toy that is commonly used by couples is the penis ring. Its popularity grew when Durex launched its own model.

The ring is not just for her pleasure. Put at the base of the penis, the ring slows the bloodstream and prolongs the erection. Plus, no vibrations can be neglected.

The classic vibrator

The last, but not the least, this old-school sex toy, or the classic vibrator, continue to be the top of the sexual preferences of couples.

Use it everywhere! Vibrations can stimulate erogenous areas of the abdomen, breasts, and thighs. Not to mention intimate areas.

Weather you’re a more classic couple, or not, spicing up your sex life should be the most important thing in your life as a couple because it doesn’t matter how much love is between you two, if there is a gap in your sex life, then it will not work. These depicted above are, in my opinion, the best sex toys for couples, so give them a try if you want to feel a more intense pleasure.

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