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Best Smoothie Makers – Top Portable Blenders

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What are smoothies?

A smoothie is a dense blended drink with shake-like texture, usually mashed in a blender comprising fruits or vegetables. It could also contain seeds, nuts, milk, or yogurt.

Most smoothies contain three ingredients: the base, a variety of fruits or vegetables, and ultimately, we can add some ice. However, you can put almost anything you want into a smoothie if you don’t want to follow some smoothie recipes or rules.

This combination will always be linked to good health, but to make it that way, you should hit the right balance of fruits, vegetables, fat, and protein.

As a well-known dietitian and natural chef based Miranda Hammer, stated: “you have the foundation for a healthy breakfast or snack.” Protein, for example, can come from nut butter or milk, chia, or flax seeds.

Benefits of smoothies

Of course, there are many more mixings, but you should always try to have fun with smoothies and don’t stress too much with them, because after all, they’re only ‘food.’ It is good to embrace variety and discover as many possibilities as you want.

Smoothies have a thing, such a healthy glow about them. They’re sometimes considered a whole part of cleanses, and they’re omnipresent at some health stores and health-based restaurants.

Smoothies succeeded in becoming a trend that increases each year among people. That’s a reason why we should make a list of all kinds of portable smoothie blenders that might come handy for your lifestyle.

Here is what you should consider buying it if you decide smoothies are the real deal.


Beckool is a cute, small, yet innovative portable blender that is easy to use. It is perfect for fruit or vegetable smoothies whenever or wherever you want.

Also, you can easily smash ice cubes, put hot foods or drinks in it. You shake the blender while working, and you will see that it will blend everything perfectly.

Beckool comes with a built-in 4000mAh battery, which allows you to blend up to 20 times when in full chare mode. After that, you can recharge it through USB.

It has a nice feature of turning itself off after 20 seconds of blending so that it could save the battery life.


PopBabies is a travel smoothie blender, and even it has small dimensions, it comes with some excellent features. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and you can drink straight from the bottle or carry it with you everywhere you want.

With a power of 22000rpm, it’s speedy and strong enough to blend all your preferences, such as ice or frozen fruits, vegetables, too, or beans. PopBabies comes with an ice cube tray, which is very useful and more secure.

The portable blender is BPA-free and FDA, CE, and also it is RoHS certified. More interestingly, you can make your sauces, milkshakes, or dips.


TTLIFE S-POW is a portable blender, easy to carry when you are traveling. It is made from ABS materials and is also BPA-free.

The portable blender is beautifully designed, with 4-stainless steel blades, it has built-in lithium batteries, being very easy to recharge it through a USB port or even in your car.


TOPQSC could be your best traveling companion. It is small, and it serves both as a portable blender and a juicer.

You can choose from a variety of foods to blend, such as fruits, vegetables, ice, or soups. Being so small, it doesn’t have a very high power capacity, but it has built-in 4000mAh lithium-ion batteries.

TOPQSC is easy to recharge using only a USB cable from your computer or laptop. It can provide you up to 20 uses with a full charge.


The last portable blender from our list is also the cutest. Juicer2Go comes as an easy to carry portable blender, small, but very efficient.

You can choose to blend fruits, even frozen ones, or vegetables. The smoothies you can make with Juicer2Go are unlimited thanks to its 300 recipes e-book.

Also, it is rechargeable and can be used up to 15 times. Juicer2Go will become very valuable to you.


The idea of having a portable blender is pretty cool. Only thinking about the amount of time it can save you in some special occasions, or in your daily routine as well.

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Best Smoothie Makers - Top Portable Blenders
A smoothie is a dense blended drink with shake-like texture, usually mashed in a blender comprising fruits or vegetables. It could also contain seeds, nuts, milk, or yogurt.
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