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10 Best Steam Irons You Can Invest In

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The need of a steam iron

Looks matter, even though not completely, but they do. Besides the fact that your clothes should always be clean, you also need a steam iron to keep them good looking.

Yet, if you enjoy it, your whole experience can go downhill if you are using an inappropriate steam iron. You need something that helps you not only remove creases fast and effectively, but also one that is easy to use. Not too heavy, but not too light, either; one that’s just right!

As always, we got your back! This article gathers some useful information about 10 best steam irons that you can invest in.

The data we found focuses on performance, ease to use, design, and instructions. Each model of steam iron has been used to its full capacity in order to reveal all strengths and weaknesses.

Russell Hobbs One Temperature 25090

With a power of 2600w, this one is the lightest model of steam iron we found. With a 1.14 kg weight, the Russell Hobbs iron heats up quickly and is easy to use.

The steam rate of 50g and the steam shot of 210g, this product removes any stubborn crease from your clothes and it also works very well with lighter fabrics. The 350 ml tank is easy to fill and there’s no dripping while using it.

Tefal Smart Protect FV 4980

Tefal offers a simple design for a power of 2600w and its steam iron is quite easy to use. Not only that it heats up very fast, it also has an accurate temperature so that you know how many degrees each type of fabric needs.

In fact, the brand claims that their product is the best ironing option for lighter fabrics.

The Tefal steam iron weighs 1.3 kg and its tank capacity is of 270ml. You get a steam rate of 40g and a steam shot of 180g, which can explain why it works best with fabrics that are lighter.

Philips GC2045 EasySpeed 2300 W Steam Iron

This model with a power of 2300w from Philips gets a check sign for all the three most important features: quick to heat up, efficient, and easy to use. It seems that no crease has a chance with it, as it effortlessly removes them.

However, compared to the previous discussed models of steam irons, it does drip a little. Yet, we did not find any serious complaints about this. Moreover, people say that although the tank capacity is smaller, of 270g, it is enough to last for a significant period of time.

With just 1.2kg of weight, this steam iron gives you a steam rate of 35g and a steam shot of 120g. This might sound like it works best with lighter fabrics, but clients were satisfied with the results they got, no matter the fabric they used it on.

Morphy Richards Saturn Steam Pressurised Iron 305000

Now that’s fancy name for a 2400w steam iron, isn’t it? Well, it does deserve such a title, as it’s a hybrid iron that works really well as an alternative for a steam generator.

When you don’t have enough storage space for a traditional steam generator, this iron could work. The pressurized pump maintains a constant flow of steam, which fights pretty well against any crease.

However, with a 1.33 kg weight, it’s a little too heavy and bulky, as some customers commented. Its tank capacity is of 350ml and the steam rate is 50g, while the steam shot goes even higher: 340g.

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10 Best Steam Irons You Can Invest In
Looks matter, even though not completely, but they do. Besides the fact that your clothes should always be clean, you also need a steam iron to keep them good looking.
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