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Best Teas for Weight Loss

Diane Luke
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Slimming teas help purify the body, eliminating accumulated toxins, and the excess water. When you want to take a weight loss diet, it’s good to include teas in your daily diet and especially detox teas. Many people don’t know which are the best teas for weight loss, even though almost everyone have heard of the slimming effect of the green tea. But it is the green tea the best slimming tea? Slimming teas can also be taken after copious meals to help the body digest excess fat faster.

Elderberry tea

It is one of the most recommended teas for slimming because it removes toxins from the body, being diuretic and to a lesser extent, laxative. Besides the diuretic properties, it is also very aromatic and pleasant to taste even unsweetened.

You can prepare one liter of tea for the whole day in the morning. For one liter of water you need 6 tablespoons of dry elderberry flowers. The tea is prepared by infusion, turning the boiling water over the flowers and leaving it covered for 10-15 minutes. It is ideal to consume it with lemon slices.

Mint tea

It is another cool drink that helps cut off appetite.

Prepare an infusion of 2 teaspoons of dry herb or a few leaves of green plant over which pour boiling water.

Mint tea is also ideal after a heavy meal because it helps digestion.

Attention, however, because if consumed in excess, mint tea constipates you, which will aggravate any cure for weight loss.

Therefore, do not drink more than 3 cups a day and try to alternate with other teas for slimming. Green tea is one of the most effective antioxidants, dissolves fat and stops absorbing fatty acids.

It is indicated in all diets because it helps maintain body weight, balance body fluids, and, in addition, inhibits the development of harmful cells in the body and thus prevents cancer, keeping the body young for longer time.

Black tea

It has properties similar to green tea, boosting metabolism and favoring fat burning. Recent research has shown that two of the substances present in black tea – teaflavin and tearubigin – behave like insulin, controlling the blood sugar level.

Horse tail tea

It helps the body to eliminate toxins in the blood while having an antimicrobial action.

Tea is made from a dry herb, about 5 teaspoons per 1 liter of water. Make the tea and drink it over the course of a day.

Nettle tea

It eliminates the excess water. For a guaranteed effect, nettle tea should be drunk daily for two months.

It can be prepared as an infusion of 4-5 teaspoons of dried nettle leaves per 1 liter of boiled water.

Nettle tea is indicated as a weight loss tea because it has a rich content of vitamins and calcium.

To reach the desired results, it is best to consume about 1 liter of nettle tea per day (preferably in the morning and after lunch).

Dandelion tea

It is a laxative, sweating, and diuretic tea. Drink two cups of dandelion tea a day, prepared with 2 teaspoons of dry dandelion herb per cup of hot water.

Artichoke tea

It helps the digestion process being an excellent healing tonic. Drink about 2 cups of infusion daily for one month.

There is a two-week break after which the cure can be resumed.

Green tea

It is considered by many to be a secret weapon in weight loss. One of the ways in which green tea supports slimming process is the easy stimulation of the burning rate of calories in the body.

Mulberry leaves tea

The tea made of mulberry tree’s leaves is another solution for people who want to get rid of extra pounds.

Only dried leaves should be used.

Tea is made from a teaspoon of mulberry tree leaves to 250 ml of boiling water. It is consumed after each meal, and for a more pleasant taste it can be sweetened with honey.

Other teas for weight loss diets, which are very effective for slimming, are:

  • The thyme tea – makes lazy metabolism work faster, being a kind of caffeine-like drink.
  • Rosemary tea – acts against the adipose layer and greatly helps to fight cellulite.
  • Aniseed tea – is a spice which protects the stomach and liver, which are usually the most affected in a drastic weight loss diet.

These are probably the best teas for weight loss and mixes between two or three of them are creating a more powerful ‘fighter’ against extra pounds.

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Best Teas for Weight Loss
Slimming teas help purify the body, eliminating accumulated toxins, and the excess water. When you want to take a weight loss diet, it's good to include teas in your daily diet and especially detox teas.
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