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Best Tips for a Longer Life

Aura S
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Who wants to live forever? Who dares to live forever? This is a very good question. Maybe people do not want to live forever but they want to live longer for sure. No matter how old do we get we still feel young inside. We feel like we didn’t do everything that we could have done, we did not laughed as much as we might wanted to, we did not cried all the tears that we could, we did not achieved all our goals and we could go this way forever.

We never know how long we will live but it stands in our power to try it at least. We cannot control everything in our lives, but what we can, we should.  In the following rows of this article, I will try to give you some tips on how you could prolong your life. You will be able to read here great theories about what could make you live longer and happier and you could also discover a few theories that were scientifically proved,

Do what you love

Being able to do exactly what you love doing I consider to be a privilege. I always told my kid that she must choose to do what she really loves doing no matter if it is about school, spare time or job. When it comes about job, it is necessary to love it. More than a half of our lives we spend at our job. Even if it is a difficult one, if it makes you happy to wake up in the morning then you should continue doing it.

Even if the monthly payment might not be as huge as you might like it to be, you should not quit. It is vital for your brain and for your entire organism to feel happy and challenged all the time. You should not make compromises that you will regret later no matter if you think that it is the best choice because you have a family and many responsibilities. Many people who choose this way end up suffering of great depressions, which will affect both you and your family.

Be active

This is a great advice. You should not live a sedentary life. You will end up boring yourself with this attitude. You will not feel the need to live anymore if all you do is sit in front of your TV, desk or PC and do nothing. The TV shows and movies will become boring and uninteresting, you will lose all your imagination and will for live. You should not end up in such situation. Besides that, a sedentary life style comes along with many health problems.

Your bone structure, your muscle mass and even your internal organs will be affected. You might end up being overweighed as well. You do not want to have such problems for sure. You need to have an activity all the time no matter if it is a physical activity or an intellectual activity. After finishing one task, you should search for a new one. Like this, you will have another goal in your life. This is what you need so you can feel alive. You should not wait until someone tells you what to do. You need to keep yourself busy. You will not even feel when the time passes. This way you will have no time to feel depressed.

Stop being annoyed

Many things could cause stressful situations. Even if you are talking about crowded traffic, an annoying person, a multitude of  deadlines, children, school, exams and I might never stop. You should learn to detach yourself of these things. Even if you have a stressful exam , the world will not end if you fail that exam. Even if you are covered with deadlines, if you stress yourself about it, it will not help you finish them faster. Even if your kids might not be as perfect as you dreamed them to be, you should remember that you weren’t either.

If the traffic is crowded and you become stressed you could be sure that it will not get better if you do. You should learn how to relax and how to see the full side of the glass and not otherwise. To be able to do that you could start practicing meditation or Yoga. You can detach this way of the material things from your life. Even if you might look in a suspicious manner at a person who feels happy when it rains or when a flower blooms you should know that such person is not crazy. She/he is just happy and she/he knows how to live better than you do. You should learn from that person how to live.

Find your soul mate

We are not born to live on our own. We need company and we need a life partner. Some of us might try more than just one partner until we find the one. It is very important to find the right person and not settle with the wrong person just because the circumstances imposed you to so. No one could impose you anything in matter of heart. Everyone has the right to be happy and who ever said that all of us have a half to complete us somewhere in this world it was perfectly right.

Our soul mate must make us feel safe around him/her. He/she must offer us the freedom of being ourselves. We should trust that person to tell him/her all our troubles without being afraid of being judged. We know that we have found our soul mate when no matter if we cross a good or a bad period in our lives that person is still there to help us and to guide us without judging us. This is how we start to live forever.

Be moderate

You should not overdo with anything. You should know yourself well enough so you will know exactly how much you must work, how much fun you should have, how much sleep you really need and how much you need to eat. Everything must be done with moderation and this way your life will be longer and happier. You should not force yourself when you know that you cannot do a certain thing without some drastic consequences. Doing everything with moderation will help you have enough time for your family life, for your friends, for admiring the beauty of nature and also for work because you need money as well.

Be positive and thankful

How many times did you woke up in the morning and said that you do not want to go to work, or that you hate early hours. I am pretty sure that many of us if not all of us have been in this situation. You should stop thinking like that. You should not think about all the bad things that might happen at work, or in traffic or at the market. You should attract only positive thoughts. You will be surprised to notice that it really works. Thank God every day that He gave you another day to accomplish your life’ goals.

Take care of your health

You should brush your teeth, eat breakfast and workout your body. Maybe the first affirmation will make you raise your eyebrows. It is quite important to brush your teeth because is a chain of weaknesses when it comes about how our interiors organs function. A clean mouth could keep the stinky breath away for sure but it could do other things as well.

It can decrease the chances of having respiratory diseases. The respiratory diseases could lead to heart issues and heart issue could unbalance our glands such as the pancreas. The pancreas might not be able to deliver the proper quantity of insulin, which may lead to diabetes. Do you need to hear more? I suppose you do not. Skipping breakfast could lead to digestive dysfunctions, which might also lead to a poor digestive system and also your stomach and colon could suffer as well. This is not a great.

Have enough sex

Sexual relationships could make us happier than we usual are. Besides that, we feel more relaxed and we sleep batter after intercourse as well. You might not know by now but regular and satisfying sex parties could help us improve our heart ability to function. In addition, our brain will be filled with endorphins. You might not agree but sometime sex could beat chocolate.

Love pets

Having a pet around your home could help you forget about the stressful day you had since morning. It will be enough to allow it to love you a bit and you will feel better. Pets are sometimes the most honest creatures around you. If they love you, they will show it to you. If they don’t they will show it as well. Their devotion and unconditioned affection make any person feel better about themselves. They are our best friends and they can make us live longer because they make stress run away even if it is just for a small period of time.


You should not forget how to laugh. You must laugh with your entire being. When you do that, you relax yourself in a way nothing else can. I am not talking about complacency laugh. I am talking about having real fun with real friends. You forget about all your worries in matter of minutes.

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Best Tips for a Longer Life
Who wants to live forever? Who dares to live forever? This is a very good question. Maybe people do not want to live forever but they want to live longer for sure. No matter how old do we get we still feel young inside. We feel like we didn’t do everything that we could have done, we did not laughed as much as we might wanted to, we did not cried all the tears that we could, we did not achieved all our goals and we could go this way forever.
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