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Best Tips to Get Pregnant

Aura S
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Most women wish to become mothers in some points in their lives. Some women just become mothers when they do not really plan it and others once they decided that they should bring a new life into this world start working on their decision. Not everyone succeeds however to accomplish this plan. At least they do not succeed as fast as they might wish for it to happen.

You should pay attention, when you are planning to get pregnant, at some things. In the following rows of this article, I will write about these tips on how to become pregnant. If you are interested, and I believe that you are, you should continue your reading. Becoming a mom is maybe the best achievement of a woman. Women have this gift that no man has and this is what it makes us special.

Get ready

At the beginning, I will underline the fact that you must be prepared to become a mom. This is not a temporary job but a permanent one. This means that you should know all the details about what it is going to happen after you get birth. The pregnancy period might be easy or it could be difficult but after the baby is born this is when things become serious.

After making sure that you are aware of all these things and you believe that you are ready to deal with it then you should start procreating. Things might not be as easy as you thought they would be. This means that in some situations women do not succeed getting pregnant from their first unprotected intercourse.

It is important not to make an obsession from this. You could damage your personal life and you could damage your judgment. You should not run to the first fertilization center after just a few failures. You must remain patient about this and just follow a few rules.


I presume that you already took all the important blood tests and all the gynecological checkups so you will be sure that you have no physical problems to conceive. This means that you can start working on the most important project of your life. You doctor might already told you that you should start getting prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements.

You know how important these two things are during pregnancy. The same things are important before getting pregnant as well. Taking these types of supplements will help you avoid different birth defects. It is not such a wise idea to think only about what could go wrong but prevention could do nothing wrong.


I am sure that you usually keep track of your menstrual cycle. You already know by now if it comes regularly or if it does not. When you plan to have a baby, you should pay even more attention to it.

You should know exactly when your ovulation period starts. Remember that not all women ovulate the same. I have seen cases when women kept track of their menstruation and ovulation periods but still did not got pregnant.

Their doctor suggested that they might not ovulate by the book and that their real ovulation period differs from what they might have read. The doctors were right. It seems that when they though that they were less fertile was in fact their most fertile period.

My advice is that when you plan to have a new baby you should keep a close relationship with your current physician even if you didn’t got pregnant yet.

You can find ovulation kits on the pharmacies shelves that will help you know your body better. They look almost the same as the pregnancy tests but their purpose differs.

Some people still believes that it is not advisable to conceive right before you have stopped taking birth control pills. This is not true. You can start trying right after you stopped taking the birth control pills.

The position

I have heard that you should make love in certain positions so you could conceive. This is just a lie. If it will happen, it will happen no matter the sexual position chosen. This means that you should stop worrying about that and enjoy yourself while trying.

You or your partner might not even like those positions so why should you torment yourself with such an unimportant matter. When it comes about the after sex position things are almost the same. You could stay still in bed for 10-15 minutes but you do not need to lift up your feet in the air. Nothing extra will happen if you do so.

Don’t be obsessive

As I mentioned earlier, you should not request sex just in your ovulation period. You know that ovulation might last a few days. You do not have to ask from your partner to sleep with you just then. He might become to hate this period.

The spermatozoids live inside you up to three days so he does not have to work his “brains” out until he gets you pregnant. If you preserve a regular sex life, you will have just as many chances to get pregnant as any other woman does. You will not cause a revolution in your sex life either so your partner will not feel overwhelmed by pressure. Things will be more pleasant as well.

If you did not knew stress could affect your ovulation quite much. Stop worrying too much. Even if you are tired to hear that it will happen when you will no longer think about it, I am pretty sure that this is more close to the truth than working yourself too much to accomplish your goal.

If some time passes and you see no results and you did all the necessary tests you should consider testing your partner. The quality of his sperm is just as important as your health.


It is true. Vices are not good for us no matter if we are planning to bring a new life into this earth or we just want to live. If you are a smoker or an alcohol drinker, you should quit. Both these habits could decrease your chances to conceive considerably. This is not something that you want to happen. This means that it will be wise to forget about them before start planning a bigger family.

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Best Tips to Get Pregnant
Most women wish to become mothers in some points in their lives. Some women just become mothers when they do not really plan it and others once they decided that they should bring a new life into this world start working on their decision.
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