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Best Tips to Make You Smarter

Aura S
Senior Editor, TipsHire

No one likes the idea of feeling inferior comparing with others. No matter if it is about other people financial level, exterior aspect or education. When I think about education, I am not talking just about manners. I am also talking about intelligence.

I have heard the phrase, which a stupid person does not know that he is stupid, only the people around them suffer. This is not entirely true. I personally do not believe that someone could be born stupid unless he has some illness or other disorder that makes him slower than others.

Usually a person, who feels inferior when educated people surround him, is far from being stupid. So how can we become smarter? This is not just about the number of schools you might graduate. It stands in your power to improve yourself and in the following rows of this article, you will be able to see how.

Don’t believe everything you hear

Even if you have near you a person with a high level of education, this does not mean that he is always right. You must have the courage to ask question if you have them. You must understand all the things and theories that you hear and not take them for granted.

Even a highly educated man might be wrong sometimes. Some people say that curiosity killed the cat. This is not true at all. As long we are curious, we have the opportunity to gather more knowledge about things. This is one step further for becoming smarter than you already are.


You might say that you read every day all kinds of news and magazines’ articles. This is not enough. When I say read I mean to read real literature. When I say ,,read’’ I am not saying to read a book per month. When you want to improve your education and become smarter than you are now, you must read at least three books per month.

You will be amazed how your vocabulary will be improved and also your knowledge in areas such as history, politics, geography, different religions and cultures. You will be able to participate at many discussions related these topics of conversation and you will be able to share your opinion in a clearer, more convincing and admired manner.


You do not have to be a genius in all areas possible. Such thing is nearly impossible for anyone. After gathering a certain knowledge in a wider variety of studying fields, you must have a certain topic that became your favorite. It must be an area of which you are more attracted to. No matter if it is history, religion, biology or old societies you should dig deeper and find out more interesting things about that certain topic.

I personally decided to read more, in the same time when I have decided to quit smoking. O never read that much as I did in that period. It was a real revelation. I practically ate book after book and it never seemed enough. I have read books that I refused to read when I was in High school and I loved them. The difference was that it was my choice to read them and nobody forced me to do it.

Imagination and creativity

Most people these days are trapped in their daily routine. Some people discover ways that function well and refuse to make the smallest change even if other methods might work better. This is a mistake. You might never evolve. When you want to become smarter, you must evolve in all the areas possible.

Routine could be good in certain ways and in certain limits. You must take some risks. You already took one when you decided that you must become smarter than you already are so why should you stop here.

You should accept new things and new ways of doing things and even create new ways yourself. You should not be afraid to make mistakes either. I learned on my own skin that through mistakes you could learn more things than you ever imagined that you could.

Do not be intimidated

When I say that, I want you to remember that everyone was in your shoes one day. No one was born with the knowledge that he/she has today. All of them learned from others or from their own experience and now, they became the people you see in front of you. They must not intimidate you and you should take advantage of the fact that you have where to learn from. It is a very good choice to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are. This way you can collect more information about the things that interest you.

Face your fears

This means that you should do all the things that you usually will not do because they scare you. Facing your fears will be of a real help for you. You will be able this way to stop being afraid to risk in your life on all plans possible. Nothing couldn’t be more revealing for you than facing your fears no matter which they might be.

Learn to share

It is nice that you start learning but you should not keep everything for yourself. You should not forget where you were not too long ago and you should help others to achieve what you did. This is a good example of healthy education. You must work your brain every day. If you do not feed it, your brain has no personal knowledge resource.

Choose your friend wisely

When you start to become wiser, you also become more selective when it comes about choosing your friends. This is not bad at all. You do not need to be surrounded of shallow people with no perspective in their lives.

You chose another road and you should preserve it. Smarter people usually have fewer friends but those friends are reliable. In addition, smarter people enjoy spending time on their own so they can meditate on their own goals and ideas, to make plans and many other things that they can do on their own.

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Best Tips to Make You Smarter
No one likes the idea of feeling inferior comparing with others. No matter if it is about other people financial level, exterior aspect or education. When I think about education, I am not talking just about manners. I am also talking about intelligence.
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