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Best Tips for Winter Wedding

Aura S
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You can have the perfect winter wedding

Most people, when they settle their wedding date, they prefer the warm period of the year. There are many reasons why they choose to do things this way. The summer days are less unpredictable. You can choose your wedding venue almost anywhere. You can have your ceremony wherever you might prefer. The wedding outfits are easier to choose and we can go on with the good points until tomorrow and they might not end.

This does not mean that there are no down points regarding a summer wedding. What about the cold season? Why are we so afraid of it? You have no idea how magical the weddings could be if you do things right. Sometimes winter can give us memorable moments. In the following rows of this article, we will talk about how you can make a winter wedding the best choice of your life.

Starting with the outfits

We all know that the main attraction at a wedding is the bride. I have heard the expression that the marriage is for the bride and groom and the wedding is for all the other guests. This is maybe one of the reasons for which brides have the tendency of becoming hysterical. They do not want just to please themselves but to please everyone who come at the wedding.

If you are planning a winter wedding, the outfits must be chosen with care. You do not want to freeze during the ceremony or when you take outdoor pictures. This is why a cape and a long sleeve dress are a must. You should not forget the groom either. Even if they might not be the main attraction of the wedding, they still are an important part of it. You do not want your future husband to freeze either. You should convince him to choose a nice and elegant velvet suit. It is really trendy and stylish. It will not take you too long to convince him considering the cold weather.

Skin care

During winter, you know how our skin reacts. Usually we do not bother too much about that but you should not forget that your wedding day is coming up. You must make sure that you skin will be just as glowing as you are. You need for that a good moisturizing face cream and body lotion. You also must take really good care of your lips. They need to be soft and appealing. The skin care procedure should not start with a few days before the wedding. You might not obtain the results you expect to get. You should nourish your skin long time before the wedding is planned.

Are you still cold?

The long sleeve dress and the cape did not seem enough for you. This means that you should also pay more attention to what you wear under your dress. If you wear thick tights no one will know and your feet will feel warm and comfortable. you might think that the classic wedding shoes might not be a great choice considering the weather. You can find these days really beautiful and sexy boots that could go with you wedding dress perfectly.

The bridesmaids

You must not forget about your bridesmaids. Usually the bride is the one who chooses their outfits. This means that their dresses must be as comfortable as yours, and they should not feel the cold weather. This means that you must include in their outfits some stylish covers that will go perfectly with their dresses.

The venue

Many wedding have two venues, namely the one where the ceremony takes place and the other one where the party takes place. When you plan a winter wedding, my advice is to go just for one venue. You should find a place where you can have both the ceremony and the party.

This way neither you or your guests won’t have to travel long distances from one place to another. When you think about how to decorate your wedding venue, you should consider colors as green, burgundy, berry red, gold and glittery colors as well. You can also decorate your venue with items that suggests the winter season. You can find many types of decorations that can fit this idea of wedding décor.

You should not forget that it is winter so when you choose your venue you must make sure that they have a wardrobe. People will wear coats over their outfits and these coats must be kept safe in some place, because they will not go with them at the tables.

Usually guests are welcomed with a glass of Champaign. You can add to it a cup of hot drink as well so they can warm up a bit. Your wedding cake as well should be decorated with special toppers that suggest the fact that it is winter outside.

The photo sessions

Some of the most impressive wedding photos could be taken in winter. If you schedule your photo session at a proper hour so you can take advantage of the sunlight, the outdoor pictures can be memorable.

A professional photographer will know exactly how and when to shoot these pictures so you will enjoy watching them after the years will pass by. You should wear gloves during these photo shoots because you do not want to have blue hands in your wedding pictures. Fortunately you can find many types of elegant and stylish gloves specially made for brides.


In conclusion, a winter wedding requires many preps but the results could be amazing. You should relax because if you do all the things right your friends and family will appreciate each moment of your wedding and they will completely forget about the cold temperatures that they had to bear. A winter wedding could be magical and I am sure that yours will be just like that.

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Best Tips for Winter Wedding
Most people, when they settle their wedding date, they prefer the warm period of the year. There are many reasons why they choose to do things this way. The summer days are less unpredictable. You can choose your wedding venue almost anywhere.
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